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Review: Restoring Hope By C.P.Smith

Life throws you curve balls, but no parent should ever bury a child. Determined not to make the same mistakes with his son as he made with his daughter, Nic Beuve is single-minded until Hope walks into his life.
Hope Delaney, a woman with a past that almost broke her, tries to keep people at bay for their own protection. Fortunately for her, no one listens when she says she wants to be alone. 
Burning desire, a deep need to protect, and a woman who looks like an angel breaks down Nic's defenses until he can’t ignore them. He wants Hope and what Nic wants…
Hope thinks she can walk away at any time she just wasn't counting on a man like Nic to get in the way, or a nosy but loving Cajun Boss. All's fair in love and war and what Maman Rose wants is Nic and Hope together.

Will their relationship survive an ex-wife with an agenda or will her past come between them... or kill them?


My Review
4 Brilliant, Moving Stars!

This is the first book I have read by C.P.Smith and it definitely won't be my last.When I got offered to review this book I really didn't know what to expect, I didn't even read the synopsis and dove right in.I ended up reading late into the night and after forcing myself to put it down and I woke up in the morning and finished it off.

Hope and Nic are to people who have been broken, their past tortures them and no matter what they do they can't run from it.Two lost souls drifting around without any peace or bliss. Nic has lost his daughter and is making sure that he does everything right for his son.Hope is running from her past, she can't get too close to people as she will have to move on soon enough to make sure her past doesn't catch up with her.

“Learn quickly, sugar…I will love you, fight with you, die for you, but I will also put your sweet ass over my knee if you run from me.”

When Nic and Hope meet, sparks fly and they are drawn to each other. Nic sees Hope as his angel, so pure and warm. He wants her, to make her his, to protect her from the demons she is fighting.Hope sees the same struggle, sorrow in Nic's eyes as she has seen in her own when she looks in the mirror.But Nic needs to be focused on his son and Hope can't let herself get close to him. So how does this all work?

Well you see there is this little magician called Maman Rose who waves her wand..well she doesn't, she just does her best to throw them together.

“God gave me three gifts in this life; one he took too soon, one that makes me proud each day and one I never saw coming until she stumbled into my life and woke me up. I won’t take them for granted another day, and I’ll fight like hell to keep them safe,”

The main characters in this book are older than the age I usually stick to.Hope is 38yrs old and Nic is 42yrs old and well that I wasn't too comfortable with this at the start.Is it just me that likes the main characters to be close to my age range or a little older but not too much older? I guess at times I can make an exception if the hero is older (out of my comfort zone old) than the heroine but she has to be at the age range I am comfortable with.I don't mean like he is 90 and she is 21 but more like she is 25 and he is 38? Something like that I can just about handle.There are always the odd few that are older and I've been fine with as long as the age thing doesn't keep popping back up throughout the book.*sigh* I'm rambling. Let's get back to the point.

“Nic Beauve, plain and simple, is the sexiest man she’d ever encountered, and she needed to be in his presence like she needed at hole in the head.”

Even though at the start the age bothered me I got over it by imagining the characters younger ;)
I usually avoid books with characters who have kids in a previous marriage I prefer the character to have no kids at the start or babies I can deal with babies lol I don't even know why but that's the way I prefer books.Not saying that's always the case I have read book with main characters with kids and enjoyed the book just like this one!

I enjoyed the character development and how the characters began to open up.Loved the banter and romance.This book was about how experiences changes a person but its all about what you do with these experiences.Loss can make or break a person it just depends on how you handle it.This book showed how you should never give up hoping, hoping for something better.If you lose hope you lose a big part of you.And sometimes that little bit of hope can change your life.

“He forced her to stay, made her believe that she could have a life, something beautiful, to dream again. And for that, she would do her best to help him heal, give him the love he needed to move forward while she watched over their shoulders.”

*ARC provided for an honest review*

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