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Blog Tour/ Review: Perfectly Damaged By E.L. Montes

Author: E.L. Montes
Book Title: Perfectly Damaged
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Stand-alone Novel

Schizoaffective disorder: a mental illness in which a person experiences a combination of mood disorder and schizophrenia symptoms.

I know about this illness—very well—because I suffer from it. It’s been four years since my diagnosis, and ever since, I’ve been living in a dark hole. Voices constantly invading my thoughts. Hallucinations. All of which force me to question if what I’m experiencing is even reality.
But here I am, still hanging on, still breathing and living through it.
That is, until he stumbled into my life. Logan Reed. I don’t want any part of him. I’ve pushed him away, but he isn’t easily deterred. I’ve told him I’m different, but he doesn’t care. He’s trying to slowly break me down. I’m trying just as hard not to let him. He doesn’t know how truly damaged I am; what will happen when he does?
I know the truth—he’ll never be able to look at me the same way again. Just like everybody else.

My Review

4 Damaged Stars!!

"When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold.They believe that when somethings suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful."

This is the second book I have read by E.L.Montes the first on being Disastrous which I also really enjoyed. Reading the synopsis I was intrigued to find out how this book would turn out but there was also the fear that it may be too depressing and that would put me off.
When I started it I was surprised to see that it was nothing like what I was expecting it to be! I really enjoyed this book and it really shows you how frightening it would be to be suffering from a mental disorder. You don't get cured some stay with you for the rest of your life and you have to learn to live with it.

I love how the author took on a subject like mental disorders and weaved it into something beautiful.A love story based on acceptance, love, patience, strength, struggle and much more!

Schizoaffective disorder: is a mental disorder characterized by disordered thought processes and abnormal emotional responses. Common symptoms of psychosis include auditory hallucinations, paranoid delusions..

Jenna McDaniels is a twenty-one year old young woman who looks totally normal on the outside..look a little closer and you find out that she isn't normal, she is suffering, struggling with a disorder that has taken over her life. She has Schizoaffective disorder, what is real? what is her imagination? A struggle to grasp reality and move forward she can't live a normal life.She is still living at home with a hateful mother and a father that is never home. And after the death of her sister who was the only one she could truly rely on things go from bad to worse. Her sisters friend Charlie helps out when her life is filled with darkness, she tries to help her keep going when she wants to give up.

Logan Reed is a twenty-six year old construction worker. Logan Reed works for his uncle’s construction company, a company that has been hired to build a guest house for the McDaniels. Hot, tattooed bad boy with a heart of gold! Logan's first encounter with Jenna isn't a normal one after saving her from drowning instead of being thankful she is pissed off and then she tells him that he is probably gay? Yeah not great but this encounter leaves an impression. Logan is supposed to be a bit of a player, someone who doesn't commit and is pretty much indifferent. That is until he meets Jenna, he knows there is something different about her but hasn't figured out what.He becomes an amazing friend to her, someone she can rely on and someone who makes her feel safe.

'For a short moment within that one kiss, I forgot who I was. The world around us was completely still. I was lost in the arms of a complete stranger. That’s what bothers me most: him. He bothers me. I know nothing about him, so how the hell could he make me feel so aline, so at peace, so... safe?'

Jenna hasn't told him about the disorder she is suffering from, she doesn't think he can handle it.Will she push him away, keep the secret hidden or let it all out and let him decide?

I loved how supportive and affectionate Logan was, how patient and gentle he was and how he seemed so perfect yet when you find out about his past..he feels real. His past makes him stronger, his struggles made him better which made him the perfect guy for Jenna. She needed everything he had, the strength to carry on and get better, to never give up. She learns to love herself that is a big part to the story, loving yourself and having confidence in yourself gets you a long way. The dual POV is exactly what I needed,I think its the main reason this didn't get really depressing and put me off!

I want her to be surrounded with brightness in her life. I want her to fight through the darkness and find her light someday.

I think we should have more books on mental disorders and make more people aware of what some individuals are going through.Many times throughout this book I tried putting myself in Jenna's place and it's pretty scary to not have a grip on reality. The voices would totally kill me and you never really wonder how many people live with this everyday and will live with it for the rest of their lives.Something that is constant for them, their struggles, fighting the depression and trying to carry on with life. Hats off to all the strong people out there!

**ARC provided for an honest review**



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Book Blitz/Excerpt/Giveaway: The Power to See By Jennifer Anne Davis

 photo Power-to-See-Blitz-Banner.jpg

Title: The Power to See
Author:  Jennifer Anne Davis
Published:  May 16th, 2014 by Crimson Tree Publishing
Word Count:  99,000
Genre:  NA Crime, Suspense, Romance
Content Warning:  Graphic violence, sexual themes including assault, adult language, and drug usage
Recommended Age:  18+

 photo Power-to-See.jpg

Synopsis:  At first glance, twenty-two-year-old Brianna’s life seems perfect. But she harbors a deadly secret—her father is the leader of a ruthless drug cartel. Brianna struggles to find her place in a world her father meticulously controls, and believes she is nothing but a pawn in her father’s deadly games.
After graduating from college with an enormous debt, Dominic finds himself lured by money and power into a job that appears too good to be true. He doesn’t realize he works for a drug cartel until he’s in too deep. Trying to keep his family safe, he takes a deal offered by Brianna’s father and agrees to marry Brianna while continuing to work for the cartel.
Brianna and Dominic must rely on one another as their lives become further entwined in the lethal drug world. When Dominic discovers a deadly secret, he begins to question everything and turns to Brianna for support. However, Brianna’s heart belongs to another man—an undercover DEA agent.
The DEA closes in on the drug cartel, forcing Brianna and Dominic to choose sides, igniting a battle between family loyalty, love, and survival. Brianna soon realizes that she may be the only person capable of bringing down her father’s empire—if she can find a way to outsmart the master manipulator, without losing herself, and her heart, in the process.


There was a soft knock on her door. Matt popped his head in, making her flush. As much as she fought against it, Brianna had to admit, Matt was hot. She hadn’t seen him since their dinner the other night. There was something different about him from other men she’d known. She liked that Matt was intelligent and highly sought after in the law field. Even though he was confident, he wasn’t cocky, and there was something gentle about him. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she liked that he seemed interested in getting to know her. It was a refreshing change. Of course, it was also nice that Matt was untouched by her father.
“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” he asked, giving her a half smile.
                “Nothing too exciting. I have a lot to do before we meet with the judge on Monday.”
                “Well, you can’t work all weekend, so I have a proposition for you.” Matt walked in and sat on the edge of Brianna’s desk, pulling two tickets from his shirt pocket. “I’m taking you to a baseball game Saturday night.”
                Did he just ask her out? Was Matt interested in her? This wasn’t good. Why couldn’t Matt be married or unattractive? Why did she have to meet him now? “I don’t know,” she managed to say.
                “You owe me a dinner,” Matt reminded her, the dimple in his cheek showing.
                “I can’t.” She really wanted to, but her father would never approve.
                Matt raised his eyebrows. “I’m not asking you out on a date, so don’t get all defensive. I’m simply asking you to a baseball game, and it’s work related if that makes you feel any better.” He leaned in close, smiling like they shared a secret.
Why did he have to keep looking at her like that? “Work related how?” she asked. Perhaps there was a way to get her father’s approval.
                “The firm has a box. So, technically it’s a work function.”
                “Is anyone else going?”
                “No,” he whispered.
                Brianna wanted to be alone with Matt, but she wasn’t sure she could control herself around him. Salazar’s plan was very direct and specific, and Matt was definitely not a part of the plan. She couldn’t afford to lose focus now. But the way Matt sat on the desk, his smile, those eyes—she was drawn to him. She closed her eyes, smelling his musky scent. Not once in Brianna’s life had Salazar ever asked her what she wanted. Everything was planned and she was expected to go along with it. Against her better judgment, she agreed to go to the game.
                “I’ll pick you up at six.” Matt smiled. He slid from her desk and strolled to the door.

About the Author:
 photo Jennifer-Anne-Davis.jpg

Jennifer graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. Afterwards, she finally married her best friend and high school sweetheart. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three young children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fueling her own kids’ creativity.
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There is an international tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
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    Blog Tour/Excerpt/Giveaway: Gilded Destiny By Nola Sarina

    The new release edition features a brand new cover, additional chapters and a never-before-seen preview of Jaded Touch.
    A woman's memory returns when she falls in love with the monster who took it from her.
    Calli tattoos her skin to fill the holes in her memory, thanks to an accident that left her mind damaged and empty. But a nasty encounter with a fired employee leaves her in the arms of her unlikely savior: Nycholas, a predatory, serpentine Vesper on the run from his brutal master.
    Nycholas’ clandestine world holds the secrets to mankind’s origin and survival… but he only wants one thing before his time is up: a few colorful nights with Calli, the fragile, tattooed, human woman he pursued and saved.
    The more Calli learns about Nycholas, the more her own darkened memories return to her. Despite her haunted past, she loses herself to passion and desire with her immortal captor.
    Now, Calli must overcome the demons of her past, or allow Nycholas to kiss her memories away and spare her the trauma of loving a doomed immortal. But each choice comes with dire consequences – some that endanger not only herself, but her family as well.


    I didn’t know what to say. Despite what he wouldn’t tell me, what he did tell me rocked my heart. I ached for him. His master killed the woman he accidentally turned into a Vesper when he got carried away during sex. Nycholas wanted to know the kind touch of a woman again, the healing of his pain for a love lost so long ago, and he wanted it from me. He picked me.

    And I picked him. The danger of him losing control… of biting me… it wasn’t enough to quell the lust low in my belly, burning as I squirmed beneath his glare.

    So I closed that final inch of space between us and wrapped my lips around his lower lip, tasting him, tugging lightly, respecting the reservation of his tightly-closed mouth and the danger he posed to me. I kissed him, though he couldn’t safely kiss me back, over and over again.

    When I pulled away to gauge his reaction, to see if he liked it… there was a hunger brewing in Nycholas’ eyes that I didn’t expect.

    He slowly sat up, bringing me with him, and reached beneath my armpits to lift me into his lap. I slipped my legs on either side of his waist, and… oh, yes, that’s what I thought it was… his arousal pressed against me through the scant barrier of his flannel and my panties.

    I wrapped my arms around his thick neck, the cords of his hair rough against my forearms, and then Nycholas’ hands grabbed onto my back and he spun me down to the mattress, rested his weight against my pelvis, and oh, it felt so unbelievably cold and good.

    His mouth found my throat, and I thought it must have been instinct that led him there, because he inhaled sharply and then growled against me, pressing harder between my legs. His lips pinched my skin as he kissed me, and he stroked his fangs upward along my skin – not biting, just sliding the cool ivory of the rounded fronts against my flesh. It was as though he wanted to sink his teeth into me and taste me, but he didn’t do it… he just licked me and washed that ice-cold breath down my neck with every heave of his enormous chest over me. I shivered and reached down to shed the last bits of our clothing, and as his hands pinned me down by the hips, I was his.

    Nola Sarina Bio:
    Nola Sarina is a paranormal romance, dark fantasy, and erotica author from Alberta, Canada. She loves weaving romances that leave you breathless and challenge typical relationships with the most mind-blowing twists. Nola will also be at RTCon in New Orleans this month. Stalk her down and say hi for some swag!
    Represented by Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency, Nola is the author of the spicy hot dark fantasy Vesper series. Taking vampires to a whole new level, the Vespers in Gilded Destiny & Jaded Touch live dangerously sexy lives in a harsh world of the balance between mortals and immortals.
    Nola is also the co-author of Wild Hyacinthe and THE CORE with friend Emily Faith. Wild Hyacinthe portrays sexy, alpha hero from a unique perspective: an incubus who can't help but kill, while THE CORE invites every reader to throw stereotypes out the window, strip down, and get dirty.
    SNEAK PEEK free chapters of all Nola's works are available on her website!
    Be sure to join her email contact list for newsletters, exclusive content and to get the latest on all Nola Sarina titles before anyone else:

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    Review: His Billion Dollar Baby by Lea Nolan

    Burned by love and grieving over his brother’s death, sexy billionaire CEO Carter Anderson wants nothing more than to protect his family. So when beautiful and unassuming physical therapist Gwen Radley shows up at the funeral, pregnant with his brother’s baby, Carter’s certain she wants an interest in the Anderson empire—and both his suspicion and attraction grow when circumstances force Gwen to move into his family’s mansion.

    An orphan, Gwen’s never wanted anything more than a family, and she finds in the Andersons a place she and her baby might belong. When Gwen’s therapy expertise leads to long hours of intense, late-night collaboration on a lucrative project, the attraction between her and Carter leads to a night of white-hot passion. But Carter’s distrust remains, leading them both to wonder if he will ever embrace his brother’s baby—or the love that’s blooming between them.


    My Review

    4 Stars!

    'Desire fired in his chest, stroking his passion and squelching any well-laid plan to stay away from her.'

    Okay so I wanted a book where the woman has a kid or is pregnant or something..Now you are probably like whaaaat? Yeah I don't even know why but that's the book i was looking for and well I could have just asked right? on facebook or here or anywhere but at the time I was too lazy to even do that pft! So in the end I found this book on Net Galley when I was randomly browsing. Looking on Goodreads and finding out that not many people have reviewed it at the moment which made me it just me that that happens to? I need to see that a lot of people have reviewed the book I want to read < this somehow calms me and makes me think ahh it can't be that crap if there are so many reviews (even if they are a mixture of good and bad)

    I really enjoyed this book, I didn't really think it would be all that, just a short normal okay-ish book so i was surprised when I finished it in one go and wanted more.I thought it would be longer as I prefer longer books to short ones but oh well it was still an enjoyable read.
    So yeah let me get to the story since I seem to be rambling!

    Carter Anderson is sexy billionaire CEO with a reputation of being a player. He has been betrayed in the past which leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, he can't seem to get passed it.So at his brothers funeral when he meets Gwen Radley he automatically thinks she doing it all for money. Gwen claims to be pregnant with Carter's brother’s baby.

    'She was tempting, no doubt, but below that beguiling exterior laid the heart of a woman like any other.One who couldn't be trusted because she would indisputably, exploit you and rip out your heart.'

    Gwen Radley has never had much as she is an orphan, she always longer for family but she didn't expect it to be like this. She goes to Ben's funeral to put a picture in his casket a little piece of the baby he will never get to know. Being discreet doesn't work out and things get messy when Carter steps in claiming that she obviously wants money.That this is all a lie. She never knew a one night stand would bring her to this.

    Ahh these two were constantly going at each other and at times I just wanted to smack Carter for being a mean little shit.I understood how what he went through in the past messed him up but he really needed to let it go and see past his own issues. I adored him at times and other times not so much but hey it happens.Loved the happy ending, even though this book was predictable its still a great quick read.

    Gwen is a strong character, after all she went through she had to be.Things keep going wrong for her yet she never quits, she carries on with her head held high and never gives up.They are both stubborn at times which at times made things worse.
    I loved the work Gwen did with Carter's dad and how she helped bring the family together and make it stronger.

    *ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review*

    Review: Beginnings By J.M.Sevilla


    After the loss of her parents, seven year old Anna feels lost. Then she meets Adam, who helps her to enjoy life again and be a kid. The problem is, only Anna can see him, and her family becomes concerned that she has formed an "imaginary" best friend. In order to not be considered crazy, she starts to pretend Adam is not there. They formulate secret codes and gestures to communicate when others are around. For the next eight years Adam remains her only friend, which is exactly how she prefers it.

    The longing to touch one another has them searching for answers, but just when they are close to making their dream a reality, they are torn apart.

    Can Anna begin a new life without him?

    BUY LINKS ----> Amazon UK /  Amazon US


    My Review

    3.5- 4 Sweet, Soul mate Stars!

    At seven years old Anna loses her parent, in this time of sadness she finds a special friend who gets rid of her loneliness. The only thing is that she is the only one who can see him.As Adam and Anna grow older their feelings for each other grow and the longing to touch each other has Anna searching for answers.

    Okay I went into this one blind because I absolutely loved the authors other two book I read so I had to read this one and see how it went.Going in without a clue to what the book is about has its advantages and disadvantages because well at first I was confused! I went into it thinking it would be something like marked series I don't know why! But yeah it totally wasn't like that. So I started reading this and was like..wait a minute I am so confused right now! What is going on? :O Is this a paranormal romance? whaaaaat?

    Later on in the book it all came together and I was like oh phew things will be all better now and then I wanted to slap myself for speaking (thinking) too soon! But yeah in the end its all happily ever after ;)

    This is a quick, cute read and after finishing it I thought wait there is more right? Because I wanted more! The only thing I had a problem with was the age of the characters, I just prefer older characters and don't usually read many YA/NA books but that's just me!

    "Annie meant more to me than a friend, or even a lover. It went deeper than that."

    This book is alot different from her other books, I really enjoyed the twist and how everything came together. J.M.Sevilla you are an awesome author and I can not wait to read more of your books! Get writing woman ;)

    **ARC provided for an honest review**

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    Book Promo/Excerpt : The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller By L.B.Simmons

    Aubrey Miller banner

    Release Date ~ April 25th
    Author: L.B. Simmons


    ☆✮ Synopsis 
    For some, it’s simply one of life’s certainties, nothing more. For others, it’s merely a fleeting thought, one often overshadowed by the reckless delusion that they have been blessed with the gift of immortality.
    For Aubrey Miller, death is the definition of her very existence. Overcome with the guilt resulting from the loss of her beloved family, she alters her appearance from the once beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl to that of one shrouded in complete darkness, enveloping herself in her own unbreakable fortress of solitude as a form of protection for others.
    As she enters her first year of college, her goal is simple: Earn a degree with the least amount of social interaction as possible. What she never anticipates is the formation of very unlikely relationships with two people who will change her life in ways she never believed possible: Quinn Matthews, the boisterous former pageant queen, and Kaeleb McMadden, a childhood friend from her past who never really let her go.
    Over the years, as their connections intertwine and grow, a seemingly indestructible bond is formed between the three…
    But when death painfully reemerges, Aubrey is lost once again, burying herself deeper than ever before inside the familiar fortification of her fears.
    Will the refuge of friendship, the solidarity of life-long bonds, and the power of unconditional love be enough to do the impossible?
    Will they be enough to finally bring about…
    The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller?


    “Thank you so much, Quinn. This day has been…unbelievable. And I owe it all to you. You have no idea.” My voice trembles a bit with the admission, because she really has no idea what she’s done for me today.
    I feel normal.
    A normal girl, about to have a normal birthday celebration with her friends, in a normal (albeit spectacular) dress, with normal hair and make-up.
    The only thing that’s missing is a pair of normal shoes.
    “Shoes! I need shoes!” I exclaim.
    “No, you don’t.” Quinn giggles and reaches for the knob of my bedroom door.
    “What? Why wouldn’t I need shoes?”
    That makes no sense.
    She’s drunker than I thought.
    That’s it, I’m officially hiding the champagne.
    “You’ll see,” she says just as there’s a knock at the front door.
    She winks. “Trust me. Just, stay in here. Don’t come out until someone comes to get you.”
    After Quinn quietly shuts the door behind her, I remain seated. As the sounds of Kaeleb’s murmur filters into my room, a nervous excitement flitters through my belly and spreads into my chest. My joy takes flight and I breathe in deeply, contentment pumping enthusiastically with each thrumming heartbeat.
    Damn, it feels good to be alive.
    I don’t have to wait for long. After a very loud squeal from Quinn in the other room, there’s a knock at my door. My pulse kicks up and I rise from the bed, smoothing out my dress. With a glance in the mirror, I pluck a couple of sections of my new hair with my fingers and set them back into place. “Come in,” I remark, turning in the direction of the door.
    The handle turns and as Kaeleb pokes his head around the corner, his eyes find mine. His eyebrows rise as his mouth falls slightly open, and he breaks my gaze as his focus shifts to take in my hair, my exposed neck and the line of my dress. He holds his stare briefly at the crystalline sash lining my waist, and then slowly drifts down to my smoothly-shaven legs and perfectly painted toenails. The left side of his mouth quirks up as he clears his throat, frozen in place. He tears his scrutiny away from my feet to fully step into the room, then turns away from me to shut the door.
    I take advantage of the 1.5 seconds his back is turned, and survey him from head to toe. His light-blue button-up is folded to his elbows, displaying the prominence of the flexed muscles along his forearms. As he places both palms on the door and leans into them, his shirt rides up enough for me to see the designs on the back pockets of his dark jeans. They hug his ass perfectly, and for the first time in my life, I want to slide my hands right into those pockets just to feel the hardness of his toned body.
    My fingers itch with the need to touch him, but I maintain control while Kaeleb braces against the door, inhaling and exhaling deeply. He stays planted there for a few more seconds until I suddenly begin to feel self-conscious. I run my hands over my hair and dress to make sure everything is as it should be.
    Just as I start to ask him if he’s all right, he whips around with a full smile on his face. A few long strides later, and he’s standing right in front of me. Raising both hands, he traces the tips of his fingers along the sides of my cheeks, leaving a scorching trail as they run down my neck and thread themselves into the hair at my nape. With his thumbs underneath my chin, he tilts my head back and looks me directly in the eyes.
    “You look amazing, Sunshine. Truly breathtaking.” His head dips slightly and he runs his lips tentatively along mine, the movement so sensual I can’t keep my hands off of him any longer. Fisting his shirt in my hands, I pull him into me and press my mouth hard against his, the need to taste him overriding my caution. A whimper rises in my throat and escapes into his mouth as his tongue slides in between my lips, slowly and deliberately, taking his time to stroke and caress mine. His hold tightens as his fingers curl deeper into my hair, the tinge of pain sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through my body until they land right in between my legs, the throbbing sensation growing with each strike.
    After another gentle sweep of his tongue, he lessens the kiss and pulls back slightly. His lips brush against mine before they slide over to the corner of my mouth, up along my cheek, and then rest them against my ear as he breathes, “Happy birthday. The dress is phenomenal.”

      About L.B. Simmons 
    LB Simmons
    L.B. Simmons is a graduate of Texas A&M University and holds a degree in Biomedical Science. She has been a practicing Chemist for the last 11 years. She lives with her husband and three daughters in Texas and writes every chance she gets.

    Review: Ruthless People By J.J.Mcavoy

    "Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets the Sopranos..." 

    To the outside world, they look like American Royalty, giving to charities, feeding the homeless, rebuilding the city. But behind closed doors is a constant battle for dominance between two Bosses, cultures, and hearts.

    Ruthless People is a romantic crime fiction set in modern day Chicago, and follows the life and marriage of Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan—rivals by blood and leaders through fear. Their marriage, arranged by their fathers in hopes to end years of bloodshed between the Irish and the Italians.

    Liam believes he’s getting a simple-minded wife, one he can control, one who bends to his every need . . . the complete opposite of Melody. She knows exactly what type of man he is, and would rather die than give up the power she has spent her life building. 

    The Mafia of the past has evolved, and with rival bosses gunning for them, Melody and Liam will have to learn to work as one to take down those who stand in their way.

    1 Marriage x 2 Bosses = 3x the Chaos

    *Warning: Due to bad language, graphic violence and sex this is for over-18's only* Theses are not mobsters with a heart of gold....

    They do VERY bad things and will NOT change.
    They are criminals...murders.

    If things like that bother you Ruthless People is not for you. You've been warned ;)

    My Review
    3 Ruthless Stars!!

    We kill everybody, my dear.

    Some with bullets, some with words and everybody with our deeds.
    We drive people into their graves, and neither see or feel it."
    ~Maxim Gorky

    Okay soo I don't really know what to rate this one so the ratings may change..there were parts I really enjoyed and other parts not so much.After reading the synopsis I was really excited to get started with this one, C'mon that synopsis is good an I was really hoping it wouldn't be one of those book which have a great synopsis and then you read it and are like And you just want to smash something because that synopsis gave you false hope.Hope that this book would blow you away and in the end all it blows away is your happy feelings and great mood oh and all the time wasted on the book.

    But yeah as I said I did enjoy parts of this book which is based around two mafia families and an arranged marriage which is supposed to bring peace between the Italians and Irish mob. Liam who hasn't seen his bride to be thinks he will be getting some simple woman who he can come home to.But things don't exactly go as he wants them to when he comes face to face with Melody who is fierce, strong, sexy and just as ruthless him.She isn't just a simple woman she is also a boss and wants to keep it that way even after they are married. She wants to know everything that is going on and be an equal.

    “She looks like a sweet little lamb from afar, but when you get close, you find out she skinned and ate the damn thing just to use it as a coat. She’s a beast."

    I found it kind of difficult to like Mel,she is cold, ruthless and blah blah and I know that's how a mob boss is supposed to be and that was fine but I wanted her to be different towards the family and with Liam. She was kind of but I didn't see much character development. I get how her past and how she grew up with little family contributed to how she turned out but I just wanted more change from her. Like dude you can't start pulling out guns and knives and attacking your in-laws! Calm your shit woman!

    Liam is awesome! Stubborn, ruthless, hot and childish at times but oh he made me smile and laugh along with him and Declan and Neal.When I found out about his past I was like awwwww! Bless him. He had his moments when I was like urgh Liam stop it! You can't fall in love so easily and I felt like he was trying to hard to get Mel to love him. Like whats to like about her, on the other hand there are lots of likeable qualities in me ;)

    This book contains quite a few POVs but the main POVs are Mel and Liam's. I thought I wouldn't like the other family members povs but i ended up enjoying learning more about them and how they got to the place they are now.It helped give more insight to the characters made you even like some characters that on the surface were bland but after finding out more about them you start to view them in a different light.

    I wanted this book to be a little more focused on Liam and Mel's relationship and a little less on mafia business but hey it is what it is! Some of the mafia business parts got a little boring or slow for my liking and damn all that swearing :O.. I think I preferred the first half of this book more than the last half.I liked the funny pasts to it and would like more of that.

    **ARC kindly provided by publisher on behalf of author via netgalley**

    Cover Reveal: Rhett By J.S.Cooper

    Rhett will be out on June 10th
    I’m Rhett.
    I’m cocky because I can be. I’ve got it all: the looks, the money, the endurance. I’m the guy that every girl wants to be with, yet none of them have ever been able to tie me down.
    I don’t do love. I don’t do relationships. And I sure as hell will never do marriage.
    I’m all about the fast life and everything that entails. There’s a different woman in my bed every week. My friends are jealous of me. My enemies envy me. Everyone wants my life. And everything in my life is absolutely perfect.
    Until the day she told me she was moving away. She’s my best friend. She was my first kiss in grade school. We share everything with each other. We never dated because I don’t love her. I don’t care that she’s moving. I don’t care that she’s moving for a guy. I don’t care because I don’t love her. I don’t do love.
    I’m Rhett and I don’t let anything get me down. Then one night changed everything and everything I thought I knew was called into question.
    All of a sudden, being Rhett didn’t mean so much anymore.
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