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Review: Beginnings By J.M.Sevilla


After the loss of her parents, seven year old Anna feels lost. Then she meets Adam, who helps her to enjoy life again and be a kid. The problem is, only Anna can see him, and her family becomes concerned that she has formed an "imaginary" best friend. In order to not be considered crazy, she starts to pretend Adam is not there. They formulate secret codes and gestures to communicate when others are around. For the next eight years Adam remains her only friend, which is exactly how she prefers it.

The longing to touch one another has them searching for answers, but just when they are close to making their dream a reality, they are torn apart.

Can Anna begin a new life without him?

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My Review

3.5- 4 Sweet, Soul mate Stars!

At seven years old Anna loses her parent, in this time of sadness she finds a special friend who gets rid of her loneliness. The only thing is that she is the only one who can see him.As Adam and Anna grow older their feelings for each other grow and the longing to touch each other has Anna searching for answers.

Okay I went into this one blind because I absolutely loved the authors other two book I read so I had to read this one and see how it went.Going in without a clue to what the book is about has its advantages and disadvantages because well at first I was confused! I went into it thinking it would be something like marked series I don't know why! But yeah it totally wasn't like that. So I started reading this and was like..wait a minute I am so confused right now! What is going on? :O Is this a paranormal romance? whaaaaat?

Later on in the book it all came together and I was like oh phew things will be all better now and then I wanted to slap myself for speaking (thinking) too soon! But yeah in the end its all happily ever after ;)

This is a quick, cute read and after finishing it I thought wait there is more right? Because I wanted more! The only thing I had a problem with was the age of the characters, I just prefer older characters and don't usually read many YA/NA books but that's just me!

"Annie meant more to me than a friend, or even a lover. It went deeper than that."

This book is alot different from her other books, I really enjoyed the twist and how everything came together. J.M.Sevilla you are an awesome author and I can not wait to read more of your books! Get writing woman ;)

**ARC provided for an honest review**

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