Hiya authors!

To request a review all you have to do is email me with the following info at

Book info - Synopsis/Blurb

~ Genre- How would you describe your book? Heartbreaking? Funny? Light read?
~ Length of book - Pages
~ Does it have cheating in it?- If so what kind? Are the main characters cheating on each other?
HEA? (happily Ever After)  
~ Is it a love triangle? - How long until it is resolved? 
Goodreads and/Or Amazon link
~ Small except - So I get a glimpse at how the book is written
~ Series or Stand-alone? - If its a series are the other books released? If not when will they approx be released? If series does it end at a cliffhanger?
~ Book format? - Do you intend to provide a paperback or kindle copy for me to review? 
~ Describe your book in 4 words- Funny, heartbreaking, light read and so on
~How far in the book do the main characters meet or get together? 
~ Is there a date you need it reviewed by?

Note: I only read books with M/F relationships anything else isn't really my cup of tea. Majority of the books I read have to have an element of romance in it. I do read books without romance but they are very few. I do have alot of arcs to get through at the moment so please please don't feel bad if I can't accept your book or if I take a while getting round to it! I swear I am trying my best :)

Thank you!


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