Monday, 13 October 2014

New Releases / Sales

Darkest Before Dawn By Amelia Hutchins

I am so excited about this book and can not wait to get started on it.For everyone who hasn't read a book by Amelia Hutchins..What are you doing with your life? You are missing out..BIG TIME!! Its already out on amazon UK and will be out in US anytime now. This a a fantasy/paranormal romance and knowing Amelia this is going to be HOT!

 Amazon US /Amazon UK

20486626Breach By K.I.Lynn

                                         Sale- 99Cents/£0.77 

This is book one in the Breach series is dark, hot and dirty. Total emotional rollercoaster and it leaves you wanting more! Two lost souls drowning is their past find each other. Will they ruin each other or heal each other?

"Nathan had scars on the outside to match the scars he held on the inside, where as mine were all inside." 

Amazon US / Amazon UK 

Displaying BAITebook.jpgBait By M.Mabie
New Release!

This is book 1 in 'The Wake' series By M.Mabie.This has some great reviews by people who read the arcs.An emotional roller-coaster.This one is being added to my TBR shelf.

Amazon US / Amazon UK 


Hunger: Tales of a Vampire Romance Boxed Set
By Elizabeth Nyte, Aubrey Rose, Tara Shuler, Catherine Vale, Giselle Renarde, Eliza Everett, Rozlyn Sparks, Miranda Hardy, Ainsley Shay


                                       Sale- 99Cents/£0.77 

Eight bestselling vampire romance novels you can sink your teeth into—get ready to fall in love with darkness.

Amazon US / Amazon UK 

Packaged/Handled/Stirred Up
By S.E.Hall And Angela Graham
Sale- 99Cents/£0.77 

    Pulled Within By Marni Mann
Sale- 99Cents/£0.77

This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance By Marni Mann on sale for 99Cents for a limited time only.

“I didn't just hear his words when he spoke; I felt them push through my jacket and tickle the skin around my navel. Had I closed my eyes, I’d have seen his lips in that exact spot. His tongue, too. My back arching from the syllables he breathed over my flesh.”
                                     Amazon US / Amazon UK 

More than Forever By Jay McLean 
Sale- 99Cents /£0.77
I adored book 1 in this series and can not wait to get round to this one! This series is highly recommended and has a little bit of everything in it from humor to touching moments and swoon-worthy heroes.
'Love has no limits. No boundaries. No time. It’s eternal. Forever.'  
 Amazon US / Amazon UK 

Tasting Never By C.M.Stunich
Sale- 99Cent/£0.77

This is book one in the Never Say Never Series and I have had this book on my TBR for a while now.Highly recommended heartbreaking romance a New Adult novel recommended for Ages 18 and Up.

“If I ever believe in something again, and it turns out to be false, then not only will my body crumble beneath me, but so will my soul. I'll disintegrate, disappear into the wind and blow away. I'll be nothing. I'll blank out and the energy of who I was will just go away, melt into the ground and come back as something unimp ortant, like a dandelion or a caterpillar.” 
Amazon US / Amazon UK

Reclaiming the Sand By A.Meredith Walters 
Sale- 99Cent/£0.77

This has been rated so well by my GoodReads friends I definitely have to check it out and the fact that the hero is autistic I already know this won't be an easy read but one that is worth it! 

"I hate being alone. I want people to talk to me. I want them to like me. It makes me angry when I try to say something and people ignore me. Or worse they laugh. 

They call me names. Lots of names. Mean names."

Ruin Series Boxed Set By Rachel Van Dyken

                                       Sale- 99Cent/£0.77

Box set on sale for a limited time only and each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone

“Seems to me like we’ve had it wrong all these years. If you have a heart—I guarantee—there’s someone out there who wants it. Who’s searching for it. Who dreams about it.”

Healing my Heart By Aleya Michelle
Sale- $1.99
This book is said to be sexy, unique & it will keep you on the edge of your seat! This is book two in 'My Heart' Series and you can click to buy book 1 here. On sale for a limited time only!

Raine By J.C.Valentine
                        Sale- 99Cent/£0.77

This is a new release and a New Adult Romance with some terrible situations for 18 and overs. If you love an emotional or a book where the character struggles yet carries on fighting and in the end it all pays off this is a book for you! 

“Something Raine had learned in her short nineteen years of life on earth was that nothing was permanent.”

Make sure to check when clicking on to them that they are still on sale! 
Any more recent sales please let me know so I can add to this list
Thank you :) 

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