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Blog Tour/Deleted scenes: The Devil's Revenge (The Devil's Eyes #2) By Jennifer Loren

Book 3: The Devil's Son


The argument for my bail begins, and I lower my head until the doors behind me crash open with a thunderous roar. A vibration rushes through my body, I look up at the judge as his eyes widen and a cold silence takes hold of the room. It’s him. I know it’s him. It can be no other. Before I can turn I whisper his name and feel the energy of him blaze up my body as if the simple whisper of his name makes it true, makes him true. As hard as I fight my own curiosity I can’t stop myself, with all the assuredness in my head I still have to prove it to my own eyes. Turning, I slowly raise my head up and look upon the three gentlemen, dressed in dark suits and letting the hoods of their coats fall back and reveal expressions of pure - desired annihilation. But it is he that stands center and strong that confirms my suspicions. It is he that has caused this silence and chocked the breath out of an entire room. It’s as if the air could breathe and it breathes a trembling gasp of his name, with all that laid their eyes on this sight I see. Only I breathe his name and meet his eyes whispering … “I knew you would come for me.” 

Only God could save me from a certain deadly fate, and so rightfully, he sent the devil to rescue me. 

The sequel to The Devil's Eyes is action packed while still maintaining the same dark romance and suspenseful tone of the first novel.


Deleted Scenes
Being dead isn’t that much fun:
(Nick is hiding out and still pretending to be dead. No one knows he is still alive, except Ryan at this point. Although, Kayla is making it increasingly difficult for Nick to continue to stay in the shadows.)

Being dead is not all that much fun, especially when my sister insists on torturing me with her nightly Simone love. The only escape from the torture I have, is at the docks as Mike Wiljer the new dock worker for Henry Estrella, on of Estrella’s few working children. I have made up a perfect disguise for myself, which is about to be put to the test and surely fail if I am not careful. As I work I see Kayla’s car pull up to the docks. I instantly search for a quick escape, but the moment she steps out of the car a smile forms on my face and I can’t walk away.
Kayla struts past me in her form fitted dress and assassin heels, looking ready to kill anyone that dares deny her. “Can I help you?” Gregg Lohman, my shift supervisor asks her.
“I am here to see Henry Estrella, please go get him for me. I don’t have a lot of time.”
“He’s busy right now and he doesn’t like unexpected visitors. It would be in your best interest …”
Kayla interrupts him with a poisonous tone, “Did I ask what he was doing or what he likes? No I didn’t and I am not about to sit here and wait for him, so you go get him now, before, he regrets that I left unhappy.” She expresses with an exasperated sigh; waiting for the prick to go do as asked. She doesn’t have to make another move before the man rushes in and finds Estrella.
Henry walks out with an exaggerated confidence, his chest out and large gut pushed above his tightly fixed belt. “Ms. Jayzon how great of you to visit my side of the world. What can I do for you today?” He escorts Kayla to his office and shuts the door. I work my way towards the thin office walls and try to listen in, but am not able to make out much before I am caught by Lohman.
‘Wiljer, what are you doing over here? You better not be doing any drugs while you’re working.”
“No sir, I dropped something and it rolled back here. I was only trying to find it.”
“Well worry about finding it later when you’re not on the clock! Now get back to work.” He claps his hands at me as if he is cheering me on to my shitty work day.
“Feel free to drive off the dock into a watery grave on your way out Ms. Jayzon.” Estrella says as he follows Kayla out of his office.
Kayla stops directly in front of us and turns back to Estrella, “I would watch say to me, Mr. Estrella. I am not one to take too kindly to threats.”
“You don’t scare me.” He says with a squeaky pitch to his voice and a shaky hand in her face. I laugh before I can catch myself; having to cover my mouth with my hand and lower my head as everyone turns to look at me. “Is there a problem?” Estrella yells at me.
“No sir, please excuse him.” Lohman says stepping out in front of me. “Sorry, he isn’t too smart and gets easily distracted. I found him wandering around like a lost puppy.”
Keep your eyes on the floor Nick, don’t look up at her. She will know it’s you as soon as she looks into your eyes. I can feel her watching me, waiting for me to look up at her. The tension between us clear, I can almost feel the heat of her body against my skin. She takes a breath and I breathe it in savoring her every movement. Licking my lips, I hear a pause within her heart beat. I made a mistake and she knows. Kayla takes a step towards me and I begin coughing to break up the moment and my rising desire to have my wife in my arms again.
“Well stop staring and get back to work.” Estrella yells. I nod and glance at Kayla as she narrows her eyes at me.
“No need to hurry with your dirty business, I will own this soon anyway.” Kayla slides on her gloves, allowing me the opportunity to take her body in fully. She licks her lips with a cock of her hip in my direction. She knows me too well. Damn I miss that woman and her, ‘fuck you attitude’.
Estrella stresses a signal toward Lohman and he nods. “Follow me if you want to keep your job, dumbass.” I follow him as he leads me out to near where Kayla is parked and Ryan is waiting for her. “Oh great she has a guard.”
“What are we doing out here?” I ask him.
“We are going to grab that woman and drown her. You take care of her guard and I will handle her.” He says taking out a weapon. “Do you have a problem with that?” I shake my head with no words to add to his plan. Kayla walks towards her car and Lohman readies himself, “Look at this woman, I would fuck her until she couldn’t walk anymore. Show her what a real man could do to her, you know what I mean?” He laughs.
I nod as he looks me in the eyes. “That’s funny, of course, I am going to have to kill you now.” I grasp his neck and send him to the ground desperately fighting for one more breath. After his struggle is over, I kick his lifeless body into the water, noticing Ryan shake his head behind me. I turn to him with a smile and he rolls his eyes sliding into the car with Kayla, and driving off safely, while I go back to work.
An hour later Estrella comes running at me with a confused expression, “You, have you seen Lohman anywhere?”
“Last time I saw him he said he was having trouble breathing and then … he just disappeared.” I shrug honestly.
“That lazy son of a bitch, I am going to fire his ass.” Estrella mutters as he stomps away.

          He’s back! The original version:
(This is the original idea of how Nick returns. Kayla figures him out and sets him up by letting him find out she is planning on sleeping with another man. Only Nick is the only man that shows.)

I know he knows about my date tonight, so I take the time to prepare myself properly for my unexpected visitor. I put on my new scantily clad underwear and add only a long diamond necklace that hangs perfectly in between my nearly exposed breasts. Our bedroom is lit up with candles and echoes with sensuous music. Everything is perfect when I take my seat and wait for him. Unable to control my smile, I can feel him approaching. He’s clearly hesitant about the situation, so I stay calm, patient, for his return. “Aren’t you tired of standing in the shadows and watching me?” I ask sipping my wine. A low grown surfaces from behind me. “I was about to take care of my needs another way … maybe call for another man.” I say standing up and giving him a full view of my body. His desiring moan rises up against the back of my neck, I reach back and pull him to me. Grasping his shirt the energy flowing inside of me is uncontainable. His lips trail along my neck, as I moan, “I missed you.”
“Where’s your date?” He asks with a growl.
Sliding my hand down to his erection, “He’s right here.”
“You evil woman.”
“Why because I tricked you into coming here?” I ask him.
Taking hold of my waist, he turns me to face him and takes hold of my face; forcing me to look deep into his eyes, “No, because you lied to your husband.” He says taking hold of my lips with his. “I should be angry with you right now, but you in this …” Nick breathes against my exposed body. “You did this on purpose.” I smile sweeping my hand softly against his cheek. “Like I said, evil woman.” I catch the desire in his eyes and rip his shirt from his body and kiss down his chest before removing his pants to my great pleasure. With one strong hand he lifts me up into his arms and with the other he easily removes what little is covering me. I had almost forgotten how good his hot-blooded body feels against mine. His hands hold me securely, his lips comfort my eagerness, while his hips move in between my legs. He leans his body into mine and doesn’t hesitate filling me with his bold excitement. My eyes rush backwards instantly at the overwhelming sensation, but I pull him closer to me making sure he hears my pleasure-filled whimpers. I want so bad to take control, but my emotions become too much and I can do nothing more than let his powerful arms hold me. Even his groans give me pleasure, the encounter is making it impossible for me not to scream out in intense satisfaction, and alert everyone in the house. Sensing my struggle, he cups the back of my head, “Look at me Kayla.” He rises over me as I slowly meet his eyes on me. “I love you - Princess.” He says thrusting us both into the peak of our ecstasy.  
Feeling him again, I can’t bring myself to let go, all I can do is lie my head against his chest and cry. “Why Nick, why?”
“I told you I would protect you forever, Kayla.”
“How did you survive?” I asked watching a slow smile turn at the corner of his lips.
“Someone took my computer and I had to scramble to find a backup, except someone took that too, and caused me to run much later than anticipated for my flight.” He said before a saddened expression comes over him. “I called Tanner to tell them to leave without me, and then pick me up somewhere else. He joked that he was going to pretend to be me, so they would do as he said without question. He put on a coat and hat and boarded the plane saying he was me. When I heard what happened, I hid out at Lena’s until I could figure out what to do next.”
“It was Tanner?” I asked as he nods. “He was your uncle?”
“Yes, it made it easy for Lena to confirm it was me. The test results were close enough for anyone to believe it, at least the ones that wanted to.” He said tapping my chin. “How did you know?”
“How could I not, I knew my heart wouldn’t continue beating … not without you.” Kissing me gently, Nick’s lips are as comforting as I ever remembered. “That was you at the wharf?”
“Yes, it was. It was my fault you were there, I stole Ryan’s phone assuming that you would come alone but … I didn’t realize they were following you so closely. They hadn’t seemed to want to hurt you in anyway. I don’t understand what it was about.”
“They thought I had your books hidden there. They want me and your money.” Nick’s eyes widen. I smile tapping his chin, “Yes my love, in your effort to protect me, you neglected to understand what Estrella’s entire goal was. He wants your life in its entirety. He came looking for me, I had no choice, but to come back and face him head on.”
“Son of a bitch!” Nick stresses sitting up with tense muscles.
“Nick there was no way you could have known.” I said caressing the back of his neck and kissing his shoulder. “Now that your back, we can take care of him together, I already have a plan …” Nick abruptly turns to me.
“Kayla, no! I may not know everything going on, but I know that Estrella has someone protecting him, someone higher up than anyone I have and you cannot battle him right now.”
“But Nick we have already been battling him and winning.”
“We? You and Ryan?” I nod. “You both are being foolish! He is letting you win, giving you a false sense of achievement.”
“Don’t yell at me, we took him by surprise just the other night.”
“We found out Estrella was attending a party with Duncan, his supplier, so we knew if Duncan is here then there must be a supply coming in. So we staked it out, and sure enough found it and took control of it.” I held out my hands waiting for some appreciation, but instead Nick spins out of bed.
“Kayla! You call Ryan right now and release that supply right now.”
Jumping up I try to plead with him, but he finds my phone and shoves it at me, call him now! And don’t tell him anything about me.” Hesitantly I make the call to Ryan and have to forcefully push him to release the supply immediately. After hanging up I look up at Nick pacing the floor. “How did you find out about this party?”
“One of our inside guys, Brandon Knox a senator’s aide.”
“A political party?” I nod. “Estrella is not stupid, he would not put himself and his main associate out there unless he knew he was untouchable. Whose party was this?”
“Spencer Welch, the old DA who became senator last year.” Nick looks at me from the corners of his eyes. “What?”
“Welch is trying to bid for the Vice –Presidency, why would he risk being associated with a known drug dealer?” Sitting back in bed, I begin to realize Nick’s concern. Nick grabs his clothes and starts getting dressed.
“What are you doing? Are you leaving?” I ask rushing to his side.
“I can’t stay here Kayla, I’m dead remember?”
“Nick, you’re my husband you should stay with your wife and son.” His refusal to acknowledge me is infuriating. I jump on top of him, determined to stop him. “You are not leaving me!” I feel good about my stance until I remember one of the things I love about him, his strong arms. With a loving smile he lifts me easily off his body and to his side. “Nicholas Alexander Jayzon!”
Nick leans down into my sour face and laughs, “Yes, Princess?” Narrowing my eyes on him, I fight my smile. “Baby, I cannot stay here. Until I can figure out what Estrella is up to, until then I need to stay dead and out of sight.”
“But Nick …”
“No fighting me on this. I will be around and I will be watching over you and Nicky.”
“Ryan thinks his brother is dead, don’t you think he should know?”
“I am not sure yet, so until I am, do me a favor and keep it between us.” He kisses me, but before he can leave I grab his hand and pull him back to me.
“Can’t you stay for a little while longer?” I give him my sweetest eyes, pulling ham back to bed and rubbing my legs together with an enticing moan. “I mean at least until I fall asleep – please Nick.”
“Evil woman,” He whispers, guiding his hand smoothly up my leg, kissing my naval, massaging my breasts with his lips, and once again, he is mine. Only this time I am completely able to take him as I want him. Sitting up on top of him and with full control, I take my husband back.



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