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Blog Tour/Review/Giveaway: Toxic Secrets (Secrets #1) By Jill Patten

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Seventeen year old Courtney Peterson always thought her future would consist of marrying her high- school sweetheart, becoming a stay-at-home mom, and living a happily ever after. All that changes when she finds out the boy who stole her heart three years ago resorts to cheating. Ending that relationship will be harder than she could imagine, but she is determined to move on, agreeing to go on a blind date with the older and cryptic Jaxon. Jaxon Vaughn blazes into town for a short visit, taking steps down a new path in life. After facing unexpected tragedies at a young age and turning to self-destruction, he aches to redeem himself by opening a bar in his grandmother’s hometown. It is there he meets the pure and soulful Courtney, whom awakens the guilt that dejectedly haunts him. Distance and circumstances may separate them, but they are unable to ignore the chemistry that draws them together. Can their relationship survive, or will it be shattered by clingy exes, mysterious phantoms from the past and unforeseen misfortunes?

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Phillip took one final step closer. “Just give me one more chance, please? I’m begging you, and you know I never beg.” He was starting to freak me out, displaying a new personality I’d never met before. I’d thought my introductions had been made with all of them by now. “And if you go on one of you crazy rampages, then what? I’m supposed to forgive you again? I can’t keep going through this vicious cycle, Phillip.” I suddenly noticed he had slyly made his way into my house. Standing firmly by the door, I wasn’t about to let him in any further.

~My Review~


After finding out a little bit about Jaxon who is visiting his cousin Reed who is like a big brother to Courtney.Reed is Kendra(Courtney's best friend) boyfriend. Kendra persuades Courtney to go on a blind date with Jaxon to help her move on from her abusive ex-boyfriend Philip(the twat)

I definitely preferred the hard, sexy chest.I felt his body tense up.Oh hell, did I just say that out loud? Judging by the sudden shift in the atmosphere I knew I had.

Jaxon is older than Courtney and doesn't think anything will happen during this blind date. it turns out to be more than that, Jaxon and Courtney have chemistry and he challenges her and they make each other better. But yeah only if it focused on these two eh? For Courtney its not that easy and she can't seem to move past her feeling for her ex-bf who treated her like crap.

Kendra the sensible female knows what she is talking about and Courtney really needed to listen to her and stop hiding stuff.I swear I was like why? why do you have to make it all so complicated? Kendra lives life to the fullest and is quite wild I liked her character more that Courtney's.

Jaxon was a bloody mystery I really wanted to know more about him and understand what is going on but I felt like the book focuses more on Phillip and Courtney.Maybe the next book will hold the answers and all the secrets will be revealed.The twists were like omg nooo! Maybe if I blink hard enough that will all be a lie and this wont have happened in the book!!
Yeah didn't work :(

I really don't know what to rate this I left it for a day and came back to do the review yet the decision isn't any easier.There were so many things that annoyed me and then there was also the things I quite enjoyed.this book had a lot of drama and Courtney wound me up so much.I wanted to shake her and scream wake the hell up woman!! I know people react differently to abuse but after being abusive relationship with a vindictive cruel manipulative guy who turned the school against you, you would think ahh blank the fucker may he burn in hell. Would you fall for his tricks again? Errr I think not if you follow these simple steps.

Number 1- stay the fuck away from him, ignore that piece of shit.
Number 2- Punch him in the balls if he tries to hurt you.
Number 3- repeat number 2 anyways because its fun to see him suffer.

Phillip pissed me off so many times I swear I nearly crawled into the book and broke his neck several times.*screams and pulls hair out*
I felt like Courtney kept making the wrong decisions..choose Jaxon you idiot. -.-

Ahh the ending..God what a bloody ending..Why a cliffhanger?!!
I can't believe that happens like oh man icing on the cake eh?
Just when things look they are getting better *BOOM!* disaster strikes again!
Poor Jaxon :(

Fuck my life.
If I couldn't beat fate, I might as well join the destructive life she had laid out before me.


**ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review**

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~About Author Jill Patten~

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Jill Patten was born a Yankee, but raised a southerner. She lives in the small town of Mayberry, North Carolina which was made famous by a popular TV show back in the sixties. (Maybe there will one day be a statue of her at the end of Main Street. Ha! A girl can dream, right?) Jill has always loved to read, even during reading labs in middle school for reading comprehension. Judy Blume was her first author she hero-worshipped, maturing to revere the works of Stephen King. With all the fantastic authors today, she simply cannot choose a favorite. Her taste is very eclectic and she loves almost all genres. When she's not captivated by her fictional characters, she spends time with her sweet husband and two beautiful children. Music is her muse. Jill also loves elephants, sarcasm, and anything made with sugar, especially sweet tea. She enjoys all things rude and crude and laughs at stuff she probably shouldn't. She has been accused of being bossy a time or two, but doesn't really see it herself. All in all, Jill is just a small town girl in this great big world trying to enable your book addiction. Oh, and if you read her book, please leave her a review - good or bad, she'll love you forever.

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