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Review: Tall, Dark and Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel #1) By R.L. Mathewson

Things are finally looking up for Madison. After years of scraping just to get by she lands her dream job and finally has a decent down payment for a house so she can move her brother and sister into a real home. It's too bad nothing ever goes the way it's supposed to. When the mother that abandoned them years ago suddenly shows up and moves them to New Hampshire Madison has no choice but to go or lose her brother and sister. Shoving her dreams aside yet again, Madison tries to make things work, it's really cold, her fifteen year old sister acts like a hooker in training, men act funny around her, her boss is a real jerk, she feels like an outsider, her best friend turns out to be a sixteen year old punk, and the incredibly handsome guy renting the room adjoining hers not only hogs the bathroom, taking three showers a day and leaving her with cold water, but he also has a secret. A secret that she becomes a bit obsessed with and can't let go no matter how many times she's warned off.

Detective Ephraim Williams learned long ago not to show any emotion or allow himself to get attached to humans. What was the point? They came and went and he remained. This time wouldn't be any different or so he thought. When his landlady told him her grandchildren were moving in he didn't expect much, well other than to be left alone. What he didn't expect was to have to fight bloodlust every time he so much as caught a whiff of his delectable neighbor's scent or her bombarding him with questions every time she cornered him. If that's not bad enough a Master from his past has found him once again and is demanding his blood and is willing to do anything to get it, even using the exasperating neighbor that makes him feel more than pain for the first time in centuries.

My Review
 4 Bloody Stars!
After reading the synopsis I was like oh oh this is a book for me! I have only read one other R.L.Mathewson's book which is book 1 from the Neighbour from hell series called Playing for keeps which i loved! I know, I know just one other book *hangs head in shame* It is now on the top of my to-do list to get more books by this author read.

Tall, Dark & Lonely is book one in R.L. Mathewson’s Pyte/Sentinel series.I somehow got this notion that this was a funny book and would just be a fun, humorous book.And well it did have funny buts but there was a lot more to it and imagine my shock when it starts off on a serious note! It starts off telling us about Ephraim Williams and what happened in his past.We get insight into how things changed for him and the brutal condition he survived.My heart hurt for him and I really just wanted to make it all better for him!

Ephraim Williams is a special vampire known as a Pyte. Being a Pyte enables him to walk in the sunlight without being harmed.He has been alive over 200 years and settles in quiet areas and always keeps to himself.He is always in control of his blood lust and has never had a problem with it after he learned control.Things all change really fast when Madison Soloman becomes his new neighbour. He can't seem to stay away and his blood lust is out of control.She drives him crazy and he can't explain why her blood smells better than anyone else's.

Madison Soloman is a strong, responsible woman who has had to raise her brother and sister whilst her mother went away to do her own things, chasing men and so on.Nothing seems to be going well since her mother returned, they are on their way to live with their grandmother (their mums mum) who they haven't really met since their mother stopped talking to her parents. Madison has had alot on her plate, with raising the kids, putting herself through college, getting a job and so on. She hopes things with her grandma will help ease all the responsibilies.
Little does she know her new neighbour will change everything!

“I’m not asking you to love me. I’m asking you to let me love you. I’m fine if you never say it. I just want you, Madison.”

Madison was a likable character, she was funny with some of the things she came out with and she wasn't one of those whiny women thankfully because I am so sick of those. I loved the banter between Madison and Ephraim. Oh Ephraim oofftt he was so HOT!
R.L. Mathewson sure knows how to create sexy, hot, loveable male characters that make you wish you could live inside a book forever.I loved him, just didn't want this book to end, wanted more of Madison and Ephraim story. Hope we still see them in book 2.

“See that’s exactly what I’m saying. You’re seeing what you want, and what you see you explain away and excuse things like you’re fixing me. I’m not perfect, Ephraim and I really wish you would see that.”
“You drool.” 
“What?” That caught her off guard.
“When you’re asleep you drool. I’ve woken up more than a few times with a little puddle forming on my chest.” After a thought he added. “And you snore. Not a delicate snore either mind you.”
“I do not!” Her face colored with indignation.
He sighed heavily as if the knowledge pained him. “Oh, but you do. I’ve even heard Jill talk about it. Did you know that’s the main reason she was happy about her room. Actually, she and Joshua thanked your Grandmother for putting you at the other end of the house, something about finally getting a decent night’s sleep. They compared your snore to a chainsaw. I can see why they’d say that.”

Hahaha! I can't wait for more and I hope that as the series goes on it only gets better.I would definitely recommend this to PRN lovers and anyone who loves humour, fast paced story and much more.I could not stop reading this book and was up late at night.I just had to finish it, I was totally absorbed on this book and wanted more.I didn't want it to finish yet I couldn't stop reading it..yeah not a great combination.

My other fav character has to be Chris he was hilarious! Such a strong, funny, adorable character who is rough around the edges due to circumstances he has been faced with at such an early age.

“It’s not complicated and it doesn’t compare to my problem, now give me a damn cookie I think I earned it,” Jill snapped.

Chris grinned like it was Christmas morning. “Yes, you did.” He brought her a cookie. “Very good, my young one. You’ve made Chris very happy with this little tidbit of information.”

I am looking forward to see how the story continues.Book 2 is Chris's story and I am intrigued.I will be looking forward to seeing how his story unfolds and what will happen to the rest of the characters.

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