Saturday, 8 February 2014

Review: With You (Tear Asunder 0.5) By Nashoda Rose

Sculpt is an illegal fighter.

He’s also the lead singer of a local rock band.

No one knows his real name.

And from the moment I met him, he made me forget mine.

In order to convince Sculpt to give me self-defense lessons, I had to follow his one rule—no complaining or he’d walk. I didn’t think it would be a problem. I could handle a few bruises. What I hadn’t anticipated was landing on my back with Sculpt on top of me and my entire body burning up for him.

I tried to ignore it.

I failed of course. And having a hot, tattooed badass on top of me week after week, acting completely immune to what he was doing to my body—it was frustrating as hell, so I broke his rule—I complained.

Then he kissed me.

My Review
3.5-4 Sculpt loving Stars

This was a quick read and told you all about how Sculpt and Emily met.This novella is a prequel to Torn from You. I think it should definitely be read before book 1 because it gives you more insight on what is going on.Also makes you feel more connected with the characters and so on.Its like it shows the calm before the storm and if you jump start right into Book 1 Torn from You you may not like what you see and even though it does recap some events, it's just not the same!

"I'm a fighter, Mouse. And I know what I want in life, and I'm not scared to take it. I want you. I'm not walking away from you."

Sculpt is a Underground fighter and Emily wants to learn how to fight.Getting Sculpt to agree isn't as easy as she thought but she needs to learn how to protect herself after a recent incident, she needs to face her demons.Little does she know Sculpt has secrets of his own and many demons which he has to face.

She came to him to learn how to fight little did she know that she would fall in love with the mysterious hot Sculpt.Sculpt isn't just a fighter he is also in a popular band, he uses the fighting to make money so his band can go on tour.After Emily comes into his life he needs her with him but Emily wants to make it on her own..

What happens when both their plans change?
One event shatters it all..

I enjoyed this book but I was like eh this isnt wow, I need something more..well the cliffhanger sure did it! I was like ooh now this is getting interesting!!
I liked how sweet Sculpt could be and totally contradict his outer image and I wanted to know more about him..why so mysterious? ;)
I guess we shall find out in book 2..

*ARC provided by the lovely author for an honest review!*

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