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Review: Wicked Games (Steele Security #1) By A.D. Justice

Investigative reporter Brianna Tate has stumbled upon the story of a lifetime but she has no idea it will change her entire life. When the story thrusts her into a web of lies that puts her life in danger, she has to choose between seeing the man she loves destroyed or giving up her whole life to enter WITSEC. After three years of living someone else's life, everything changes when her true identity and location is discovered. She is forced to leave protective custody to save the man she still loves. 
Noah Steele owns a successful business with Steele Security, providing security escorts for the nations' top officials, wealthy elitists, and high-profile visiting dignitaries. What he keeps from everyone in his life is that he never fully recovered from losing Brianna. He shares a bed with other women but never his heart. Noah's life now revolves around his work until the night he stumbles upon an intruder in his house and learns that intruder is actually his long-dead love, Brianna. 

With her sudden reappearance, Noah discovers the passion that once fueled their relationship is still there, burning hotter than ever. However, even love can't erase the betrayal Noah experiences after learning that Brianna faked her death and has been in hiding this whole time. Noah must decide if he can accept that she betrayed him and caused him the worst pain in his life. Learning that she has been alive and seemingly fine without him may be more than he can take. 
Brianna's relationships with everyone at Steele Security is teetering precariously on a ledge. Loyalty and honesty is key with the men who once looked at her as a sister but now openly distrust her. Can they work together to identify the real threat, save his business and their own lives? Or will Noah lose the only woman he's ever loved, twice in one lifetime, in his fight against the tangled web of lies and betrayal that surround him?
Recommended for readers 18+ due to language, violence and sexual content.

My Review
3.5-4 I-Want-More Stars!

I can't believe it took me this long to get round to this book. A.D. Justice sent me an arc a while back..a long while back and for some reason or the other I kept putting it aside and saying I will read it later (Sorry!)But this was getting ridiculous and I said to myself I will definitely read it next and tadaaa I did and I really enjoyed it!

This is book 1 in the Steele Security Series and its the story of Noah Steele and Brianna Tate.This book is filled with suspense, romance, second chances, security and issues and so much more.What would you do if you found out something you shouldn't have? Something so big that people would kill for it to be hidden or destroyed.

Brianna finds proof of dirty dealings and ends up having to hide,change her identity and let the people she loves think she is dead.All alone and constantly watching her back she stays away for 3 years until something big happens which draws her back to the home of the man she loves.

Noah owns a successful business with Steele Security, providing security escorts for the nations' top officials, wealthy elitists, and high-profile visiting dignitaries. 3 years ago the loss of Brianna left him with a hole in his heart that can never be filled. When an intruder breaks into his house he is shocked and angry to see that it is no other than Brianna, the only woman he ever loved.

"They say time heals all wounds, but that's not true. Time made it worse. Time reminded me of all the things that we would never do together. I learned to live with the pain, but it never left."

As soon as I started this book I couldn't stop reading I felt like I had just started the book and when I clicked on it I found I was already 50% in! Then I was asking myself is this a short book or am I reading it really fast.I had totally forgot about what this book was actually about and decided not to check the synopsis and go in blind..this usually freaks me out but I think its good for me.I had to keep telling myself you don't need to know what this book is about you will figure it out as you bloody read it!

This book is written in dual POVS so we get an insight into both the main characters which I always love.I'm glad that is was in dual POV because some parts would have felt incomplete with just one POV.

I liked the characters though I wanted to scream at Brianna at times and I wanted more of Brianna and Noah without all the problems.I really liked the 'brothers' and how they were a tight knit group of friends who always had each others back. But I wanted more of a connection to them or a little more insight to them. But I guess we will get to know them more with each book. Oh and I didn't really get a clear description on them, I don't know how to really picture them.

Overall I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next book which is about Bull! :D

**ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review**

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