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Blog Tour/Review/Excerpt/Giveaway: UnStrapped (Strapped #3) By Nina G.Jones

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UnStrapped by Nina G. Jones
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release Date:  August 8, 2014
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What do you do when the man who you love more than anyone else in the world terrifies you? This is a question Shyla must confront and it takes her to her breaking point.

The only person who can bring her back is the same person who is capable of destroying her beyond repair.

Shyla has seen a side of Taylor she can never forget. She now understands that not only is he capable of immense tenderness, but ruthless violence. She must decide if she will fully trust Taylor and embrace both his light and darkness, as it is clear both exist equally within him.

Their pasts continue to cast a shadow over their relationship as Shyla attempts to convince Taylor that the only way they can truly embrace the future is to reopen and repair old wounds.

Taylor swears anything he has ever done was to protect Shyla, but Eric's words haunt her and cast doubts on Taylor's intentions.

Taylor will do anything for Shyla.

Now she must decide if that is actually good thing.

“Stop!” I scream, my heart racing so fast that I think I might pass out. We come upon each turn at such a high speed that I am sure we will spin out. “You’re going to get us killed!”
“Because that’s what I felt when he had you, when I was racing back home to get you back after he told me he took you. That’s what I have felt these couple of weeks when all you do is cry. I know what you’ve been thinking, I’m not a fucking imbecile.” He shifts the gear and the engine purrs, giving the car a boost of power and sending me into further panic.
“Taylor. What the fuck are you doing!” I shout.
“I want you to wake the fuck up Shyla!” He sharply turns the car into a an open field, and the car’s stiff suspension violently jitters underneath us.
“You’re going to break this thing!”
“I’m fucking rich, I can buy twenty of these tomorrow! Who gives a shit about a car?”
“You’re scaring me. Please stop the car.”
“Tell me you’re coming back to me!”
“I want you back. I need you back. You need to fight this!” Though he is yelling over the frenetic notes of electronic music, his eyes are focused on the field in front of him. I glance forward and that’s when I see, out in the distance, a row of fences growing in size with each passing second.
“Taylor stop!” I scream at the top of my lungs.
“Tell me you’ll fight goddammit! Tell me now!” I glance again, the fences are now so close I can see the detail in the wiring. It’s only a fraction of a second, but I realize I feel so many things all at once. I don’t want to die, I don’t want to have an accident. I want to live, I want to have a life with Taylor. Despite what’s going on inside of me now, there is so much I want to live for and do. “So help me, I won’t fucking stop!”

My Review

3.5- 4 Stars!!

'..but to know and to witness are different realities.'

Unstrapped is book 3 and final book in the Strapped series by Nina G Jones. This series has been nothing but one freaky, hot, heart racing, disturbing roller-coaster and by the time it came to the end I realised I didn't want to get off.I find this book hard to review and rate it was just so crazy and my feelings were everywhere I didn't know who to trust and who to believe, who was lying? And finally after all the build up and confusion all is finally revealed but there are more secrets which lurk around the corner and some will leave you shocked stunned and even more disturbed.

'Now I have secrets to bear, secrets no one else can know.'

At the end of book 2 in this series things got quite messy and in this book you see the aftermath. How people can drown in their own secrets and how secrets can get people killed. I felt like the secrets kept piling up and they would end up ruining both Shyla and Taylor but in the end they managed to make it work.They managed to find balance, the good in Shyla banalced out the darkness in Taylor. They are made for each other and they dont exist without the other.After everything they had been through they deserved an happily ever after!

'love like ours ends in tragedy, it burns bright and fast and everything it touches dissipates within its heat.'

At times I felt like Shyla would just leave or maybe they would have a gap where they are separate because at points I was asking myself are they really meant to be? These are two people with problems and pasts that haunt them. Can two dysfunctional people make it work without tearing the other apart?

'My master also wears a mask.Though I wonder if his true mask is the black contraption obscuring his face, or the handsome and charming farcade he uses to deceive the outside world'

Taylor was scary at times creeping up on Shyla like omg please stop! Hot, scary, charming and so much more.You find stuff out about Taylor and I was like YES! I WAS RIGHT! I knew it not that it was a particularly good thing about him but still!I'm glad he became a lot more open with Shyla than he was in the previous books, he learnt to share his feelings and give that part of himself to her. Oh and I really wanted to see Taylor as a dad like alot alot! Why couldn't they have babies in the end?! Taylor and babies aww C'mon Nina! I want a novella all about their happily ever after (with babies, yeah?).

At times I felt like there was too much going on I wanted everything for a while to be happy and jolly and normal in between the chaos. Overall I enjoyed the series and I'm looking forward to more from Nina! :)

*ARC provided for an honest review*


Review By Fathima (Guest Reviewer)

Taylor squats down so that our faces are barely an inch apart. “So what I am telling you now, is you are going to tell me how I should punish you right now. Because I know you want me to. I can see how tight your nipples are through your blouse. I bet your cunt is dripping right now. I think you do shit like this on purpose just so I will act out. I think when Rick kissed you, you remembered that no one else makes you as hot as I do. No one makes you come so hard you cry. No one makes you fucking scream and writhe because when I fuck you, you can’t even tell the difference between pain and unimaginable pleasure. Because I like to fuck shit up Shy, and most people don’t.”

5+++ crazy mothercreeping Taylor Holden ******

Its been sooo long since I've written a review that I feel like I'm writing one for the first time ..

** Deep breathes **

This book .. It's been ... I cant even ... Ugh !

Crazy doesn't even begin to cover the myriad of feels I'm feeling right now !

This book for me is right there with the likes of some of my fave mindfucks of all time .. ( read Consequences by Aleatha Romig , Dark Duet by C.J Roberts and such ).

Taylor and Shyla's journey has not been easy , never was and never will be . But what makes it worth remembering is that its truly one of those stories where the lines between right and wrong never existed . I know i know , I make no sense , but there is no other way for me to put this story out there for you . If you look at it from your beliefs and moral point of view , then yes , there are many wrongs and a few rights here . But if you look at it from a logical point of view of two people who have lead an incomplete , almost dead , sort of life ... then it makes a whole lot of sense .

Taylor and Shy are the perfect yin and yang to each other .

UnStrapped picks up immediately after the events of Strapped Down . Shy is in a really fucking dark place . And Taylor has no clue as to how to bring her out of this phase . If you thought you knew everything about Taylor , then be prepared to be blown out of your mind . Taylor's character looks uncomplicated , but the man is a freakin layered bed ! So many faces , so many masks ... nobody and I mean nobody can fully unmask this guy and see his true self !

You know I feel like if I talk about this story too much , then I might just give away a lot of the plot details and I don't wanna do that . So we'll just keep this discussion character based . Lets talk about Shy first . Honestly , the Shyla in book 1 is only a small part of the Shyla in book 3 . She is still funny , and still sort of a smart ass with a sarcastic mouth and a childish brain , but you can see a smidgen of darkness in her that wasn't a part of her in Strapped . Evolution couldn't have looked better !! She rocks that darkness like a pro .. Ofcourse it takes her a little time to get there ...

Now lets talk about Taylor Holden here ladies and gentleman , because lets face it ... This review is incomplete without him ! Hence a little more to whats already been said ....

“I’m not finished with you yet,” he says, stroking his semi-erect penis. “You are going to take me in your mouth again.” I sit up, and gravity does its job as the wetness from my eyes streaks my cheeks. “But this time, the ball is in my court, you little dirty pain in the ass. And this time, I will fuck you.”

Kinky and Dirty doesn't even ....

It just doesn't ...

Like , this book ( read : Taylor Holden ) is so hot that If I was sitting on the ice berg that Titanic was gonna crash into , it wouldn't .. Because that Ice berg be all melted before Titanic even came close to it .

Yeah , for freakin realz !

Getting back to Taylor , like we even left him ( shakes head ) , the man is the epitome of complicated . The things he can do and does .. Be it sexual or normal ! I just cant ...

All in all , words are not enough .. This book is a journey . You have to strap yourself right from page 1 in Strapped , and hang on tight . Initially , you might feel " Oh I've read this stuff before " but let me tell you . YOU.ARE.GONNA.ENJOY.IT !

Peace out !


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Meet the Author:
Nina G. Jones was born and raised in Bronx, NY and currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two crazy Boxers.

She is the author of the Amazon Bestselling Strapped series and the erotic romance, Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel.

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