Thursday, 25 September 2014

Review: Archer's Voice By Mia Sheridan


When Bree Prescott arrives in the sleepy, lakeside town of Pelion, Maine, she hopes against hope that this is the place where she will finally find the peace she so desperately seeks. On her first day there, her life collides with Archer Hale, an isolated man who holds a secret agony of his own. A man no one else sees.

Archer's Voice is the story of a woman chained to the memory of one horrifying night and the man whose love is the key to her freedom. It is the story of a silent man who lives with an excruciating wound and the woman who helps him find his voice. It is the story of suffering, fate, and the transformative power of love.

My Review
5 Unforgettable Stars!

This is the first book I have read by Mia Sheridan and I totally want to smack myself because I have had two other books by her and never got round to reading them.After getting this one recommended a few times I decided enough is enough and this shall be my next read.And how bloody glad I am that I did end up reading it because this is one amazing book!

The characters, the story, the emotions and the beauty of silence. This book made me feel so much and left me craving more.I just really didn't want it to end and I want more so yeah this will definitely be one of the books on my re-read pile and one I need as a paperback. So I can..stroke the pages and hold it.Hey I'm not weird..I know lots of you do the same so don't you be judging me! :D

“We communicated a thousand words, without a single one being spoken."

If you haven't read this book you really need to! Like now! This story will leave you swooning, crying, laughing and best of all falling in love and wishing you could curl up inside this book and never come out. I don't know what to tell you about this book without giving too much away, it's just one of those book that you should go in blind.Don't read lots of reviews and spoilers and what not.Just read the book and experience it without have preconceived ideas about how it will turn out.Just jump in with both feet and let the story unfold and let it take you on a beautiful journey.

"He smiled back and put his lips against mine, mouthing, "I love you, too," against my mouth, as if he was breathing love into my body."

Archer's Voice is about two lonely characters and when their paths meet so does their souls. Both with tragic pasts that they haven't let go of and a will to carry on. Archer Hale made my heart melt! I can't put into words how he made me feel because there were just too many emotions. I loved Bree and Archer together and how they strengthened each other but also as individuals.

The majority of this book is written in Bree's POV but we also get flashbacks of Archer's past and a little bit from his POV. This is a standalone and even though it is a part of a series it can be read separately as the books are based on different characters.

"I want to be able to love you more than I fear losing you, and I don't know how. Teach me, Bree. Please teach me. Don't let me destroy this." He looked at me beseechingly, pain etched into every feature of his face. 

Oh God, Archer, I thought, my heart squeezing tightly in my chest. How do you teach a man who has lost everything, not to fear it happening again?

I would highly recommend this book! And Mia Sheridan I will be reading EVERY book you write ;) A book that shows you how you don't need words to describe your feeling, you don't need a voice to express your love..Sometimes the silence speaks louder than words. You don't need a voice to create change, you need determination, will and a whole lot of love.

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