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Review: The Devil's Masquerade: The Remedy (The Devil's Eyes #5) by Jennifer Loren

The Devil's Eyes Series

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Nick Jayzon is now a Savage, a part of Asmodeus’s army. Kayla has been threatened, cornered and tempted to run and hide, leaving her true love to fight on his own and be forever under the control of the greed hungry devil. However, she meets a mysterious ally that she never knew she had until she needed her the most and that ally encourages Kayla, to stay and to fight. Will Kayla fight for the husband she loves? Will she stand toe to toe with the devil and fearlessly threaten his final annihilation? Will Kayla find her husband again and be able to inflict her own kind of devil’s Remedy and be able to bring Nick back to the life he once knew? Without Nick, Kayla and all her allies will be outnumbered and their power will be no contest against Savage and his manipulated grandson’s own power. Will they need to kill Nick to survive or will a younger Nick step forward and show his extraordinary power to save them all? Kayla and all her allies will accept their fates and enter into the ultimate battle at The Devil’s Masquerade.


My Review

5 Brilliant, I-Want-More Stars!!

'Why do I believe her to be mine and I hers when she is supposed to be my enemy?'

So it took me a while to get round to this one and wait wait before you all attack me ..It's only because I really, really didn't want this series to finish! But then Jennifer Loren gave me some amazing news when she revealed that there would be more! Yes baby! I was over the moon and thought well now I can read it. This is book 5 in the Devil's Eyes series by Jennifer Loren and what a book is was. JL you never disappoint!

"This fallen angel may be stained, but don't be fooled.I am not broken.I will be the remedy to your poison, Asmodeus."

This book continues from where the last last book finished. You find out that somehow Kayla carries the key to getting Nick back from his grandfathers clutches.Nick has been poisoned and he doesn't remember Kayla or any of his family anymore.He is ready to kill anyone who goes against Dennis not knowing that his grandfather is making him hurt his own family and friends.

One thing I love about this series is that it has it all, entertainment, drama, suspense, action, thrills, humour and so much more. I love each and every character (the good ones obviously).Dennis Savage the things I wanted to do to for all the perverts reading this and thinking its all sexual.NO. I wanted to kill this man in so many different ways.He had my blood boiling, why Dennis are you such a pig?

"I know you can't take your eyes off me.I get it but I have some things I need to take care of.You can undress me with your eyes when I get back later.."- Elijah

We got to see a lot more of Elijah awww I already liked him in from the glimpses we got in the previous books but this one made me love him more.I just wanted to squeeze him! I'm happy he finally found someone and now its Ryan's turn. I'm hoping Ryan finds his happily ever after in the books to come because he truly deserves it. There were a lot of funny parts as well as the serious bits and how everything was going to work out, how to get Nick back and protect the family.

"Oh, be nice, tall unpleasant one.I will look at your breasts next if you want?" I say rubbing his chest.- Elijah

I felt like this book was too short because I just can't get enough of these books and series.One minute I started it and next minute finished..What is this sorcery!! LOL I finished this in one go and stayed up late because I could not put it down.And now I want more soo..hurry with the spin-off woman ;)

*ARC provided by the amazing author for an honest review*

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