Friday, 14 November 2014

Review: The New Devil in Charge (Devil's Eyes #6) by Jennifer Loren

Ryan has decided to build his own organization in a new city, away from the shadow of his brother, Nick. With the help of Elijah, Ryan is willing and anxiously ready to take on one opponent after another to take over his new city. There isn't much most can do to stop them; that is until one comes in contact with an elusive Lord of the 3rd, Marius Cane. Marius has been playing it quiet these days, a little too quiet, but his intentions begin to become clear when he purposely goes after Ryan and not Nick as everyone expected. “Where’s the Dragon, young Jayzon? You used him to kill Savage and in doing so, he is bound to you and I want him.” 

Does Ryan now hold the power of the Dragon? And if he does, will he be able to hold onto it or die much like his grandfather? 

There is no doubt that Ryan will fight and that he won’t be fighting alone.

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My Review


Okay when I heard that The Remedy would be the end of the Devil's Eyes series I was quite upset..quite upset being an understatement.I didn't want the series to finish and I will always want more.ALWAYS! But then Jennifer Loren announced that there would be more to this series and I was like WHAT?! Hell yeah!Oh btw I get this news way before everyone else..not that I'm bragging or anything.Just putting it out there ;) I love being in JL's street team! So whilst I was screaming and doing a happy dance JL was writing away another master piece.This book was awesome, I need yesterday woman!

This book kind of breaks off from Nick and his side of things.He is still in the book but its main focus is Ryan and Elijah.I love how other people's povs are cleverly placed which gave me a better idea of what is going on yet, the povs, they don't overwhelm you.

Ryan has always lived in Nick's shadows, he loves him and looks up to him but he needs to move on and pave his own path. So even though moving away from the family is tough he decides its time to take over a new place and be his own boss.Make his own rules.And to help out he has Elijah and an unexpected bodyguard, Skylar.

"My Lord," She says, bowing to me.

"Oh son of a bitch," I grumble

Skylar is a women out to prove herself.By guarding Ryan she wants to show that women aren't weak and they can handle the tough life. Before she gets to where Ryan is now living she thinks she has it all figured out, she thinks Ryan has been spoiled and rich all his life and he will behave just like all other Savages.But when she gets there she finds out how wrong she is.There is alot more to Skylar we discover as the story continues..

'I can't stop staring at his penis and it begins to make him nervous.

"Baby, are you planning to cut me dick off or something, cause you are making me really nervous staring at it like you are?"

Ryan doesn't need anyone to protect him especially not a hot, annoying woman he can't keep his eyes off.I loved Ryan and Skylar's parts maybe a littllleeeeee bit more than Eli and Catriona's parts.They were hilarious together and well that's Ryan ahh I fell more in love with him! Maybe its because we already had the Eli and Cat thing going on in previous book so this was something new and I just wanted to keep reading their parts.

“Hmm… should I follow alongside or get in with you?” “Follow alongside? Who are you, Usain Bolt? Get in the damn car.” She nods..

Elijah and Catriona have their own problems along with helping Ryan out.Eli is determined to love Catriona and give her everything she wishes for but things aren't that easy. His humour was as always present and I loved that about him.

"Actually, the best part was when we stopped running and Eli asked me to hold his boob while he pulled up his stockings."

Hahaha I loved this part of the book and their funny stories. Could not contain my laughter.

We meet new people, lose some old people, discover new secret, betrayals and twists! I laughed out loud..whilst everyone sleeping I'm sure if everyone was awake they would be like, what a weirdo but they weren't so hah!Highly recommended series sooo go get started on the previous books if you haven't already ;)

Omg the ending!!!! I was like YES YES!!!!!! HELL YEAH.I wanted to scream because I had so much feelings and I wanted to discuss..but my friends haven't even read it yet so i just hi5'd myself and tried keep my emotions in lock. The sad truth. I want more.When can I get more?

Oh and I won a paperback so it shall be hugged and it will sleep with me.There may even be stroking ;)

*ARC provided by amazing Jennifer Loren for an honest review*