Friday, 16 January 2015

Review: Tequila and Tea Bags by Laura Barnard

Sent to live with her cousin Elsie in the Yorkshire countryside, Rose has only one thing on her mind; joining her friends as a club rep in Mexico. 

When she hears about a council incentive offering the promise of free flights to the person who clocks the most volunteering hours at the local care home, she’s got her plan set. 
But she doesn’t plan on bonding with the old ladies, going after the village bad boy and trying to persuade Elsie not to become a Nun. 

Soon she’s questioning who her real friends are and whether her old life is one she wants to return to. 

Can the village win her over and will she win the chance to leave it behind? Will she even want to?

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My Review

4 Stars!!

I saw this cover and thought ohh is this really a book for me? I have to admit the cover matters to me and I usually go for the more darker mysterious looking ones than the bright ones.I have a friend who always (well, a lot of the times) reads books with bright pink, colourful covers and it reminded me of her! But when I read an excerpt I was eager to start it and see how it went.And as you can see, It went well ;)

“And it’s like my mum always said, be with a man that ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.”

This is the first book I have read by Laura Barnard and she is from England woop! I love it when I find new authors from England I'm all like I know an author that live kinda.. close by *pats back* LOL.
I got stuck into this book and was looking forward to what would happen.There were a lot of things that I didn't expect and then there were others that were predictable such as certain things would come to had to happen yet I was hoping it wouldn't.

Rose at the starting is a selfish brat and I thought I would end up hating her or getting really annoyed (that didn't happen though) , she doesn't know what true friends are and how family will always stick by you and how you should never let go of true love.She doesn't care for anyone's feelings at the start, she just wants what she thinks is best for her.As the novel continues she finds out that there is a lot more to the village and the friendships she has created here are ones that wouldn't use her or leave her. But in the end will she leave them?

“God, he’s hot. He’s making me stupid.”

We meet James before we meet William but as soon as I met William I was like yup that's the one I like! I do like a guy who is open with his emotions but I did feel at times he needed to be a bit closed. Is that weird? Haha I still really liked his character.The winking was odd but funny.And I really wanted James and Elsie to have their own book, I really want to know more about them especially James and the relationship between the brothers.

This book has a bit of everything, it had me laughing at some of the silly things Rose does, rolling my eyes, cringing, wanting to smack some sense into her and parts of this book also made my heart hurt.It's a fun book with a lot of heart.Oh and the fanny fart part was just hilarious!

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review*
Thanks Laura! :)

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