Thursday, 8 January 2015

Why are there no new posts?

Hi lovely followers!
I'm sure you are all wondering what the hell is going on, or maybe you just don't care but I would like to let you know why there havent been any posts. Well its unfortunately because my computer died on me and now I can't get any reviews, book posts up which sucks!! And sorting them on my phone is a bloody nightmare and would cause be to rip my hair out. This I am publishing through my phone and it is being so slow and weird -.- Maybe its time to invest in a new phone!
Its bloody freezing here and I am in a book funk :'( Wtf new year? I have only managed to complete one book.ONLY ONE!!! And now trying to get into my arc of Dirty Ties By Pam Gowin. So what are you reading? Anyone else freezing and wanting to stay in bed all day with a hot cup of tea (Or whichever hot drink you prefer)

These are recent paperbacks I have got because I love paperbacks/Hardbacks. Tequila and
Teabags is from the awesome author Laura for review thank you.
Help me choose what to read first I have read Cinder already and I got it from Amazon
US and Scarlet fromUK amazon and then found out they don't match *sobs*

Thank you all for your patience I am hoping for my computer to be fixed asap and will catch up with reviews and other posts!
Love you awesome people!

Have a great day/night!

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