Thursday, 4 December 2014

Review: Covert (Chicago Angels #1) by G.K. Moore

lessandro is the unwilling heir of a Chicago crime family. Intent on leaving the life set out for him, he decides to run as fast and as far away as possible. His plans crumble when one girl crash lands in his life. He should hate the daughter of his father’s mistress, but it’s near impossible when he finds that they are alike in more ways than one.

Olivia grew up watching men walk in and out of her mother’s life. When one man finally decides to stay, she learns that crime lords don’t leave until someone’s dead. Olivia’s salvation comes from the person she least expects: his son.

Six years later, Olivia and Alessandro are reunited when her life is threatened. If time has proven one thing, it’s that repeating their parents’ mistakes seems inevitable.

In a world where friendship is a luxury and love a death sentence, two unlikely lovers find each other only to be separated by their cruel reality.

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My Review
3 Stars!!

This is book 1 in the Chicago Angels Series by G.K.Moore and consists of a cliffhanger which will either make you want to beg the author for the next book or bang your head against a wall.This is G.K.Moore's debut novel and I think she did a good job in reeling the reader in and wanting to read on to see how things will work out.

I love mafia romance so when I was offered an arc of this one I jumped at the chance.I didn't know how it would go and didn't read any reviews before reading it since. There were parts that I enjoyed and parts I didn't which is normal with every book I guess. I really liked the fact that the book starts off with a bang since I love fast paced beginnings, something that draws you in and leaves you in the center of chaos.

We meet Olivia who has ended up in a messy situation and in need of help she turns to Alessandro who she has been trying to stay away from. At the start when they meet there is chemistry but other than that I felt like Alessandro was indifferent towards Olivia.Their relationship isn't clear until a later when there is a flashback which shows how they know each other and what happened in the past that still binds them together.

I think they both make some stupid decisions which in the end leads to a bigger mess that may ruin them forever.This book has dual POVs which was absolutely necessary for this book since they lacked good communication skills.I just wanted to scream and tell them to bloody tell each other everything! Stop avoiding it. But did they listen to me? The answer is no.

Olivia needs to quit running and get everything out into the open.What happened in the past still haunts her. She had a rough childhood and my heart went out to the little Lulu and I loved the young Alessandro. What the hell happened, that's what I want to know.Hated Silvio urgh and I hope Olivia doesn't follow in her mothers footsteps.

'There should have been an explosion, a crash or a piercing scream.How could my heart have been completely destroyed in deathly silence?'

The ending..*Deep breath* NO I am not liking Alessandro right now and he better get his shit together in the next book..or else!

**ARC provided for an honest review**

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