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Review: Dark Needs (The Dark Light of Day, #1.5) by T.M. Frazier

Before reading this book you need to have read Book 1- The Dark Light of Day which is an amazing book!
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"A revenge kill is the best kind of kill.
But a revenge kill for your family, with your woman's permission?
That's borderline erotic."- Jake, The Dark Light of Day.

Jake has come back home to Abby after violently disposing of the man who almost destroyed his family. With blood literally still on his hands, the only thing on Jake's mind is making up for lost time with the woman he loves.

Dark Needs is a companion novella to The Dark Light of Day and won't make much sense unless you are already familiar with Abby and Jake's story in The Dark Light of Day..

Did I mention that there is a preview for KING at the end?


My Review
5 Bloody Brilliant Stars!

This is a novella which carries on from book 1 called The Dark Light of Day. You need to read that book before you start this one or you will just be confused and we wouldn't want that now, would we? ;)

"Only me?"

"Only you.It's only ever been you."

First of all T.M.Frazier, I love ya and your writing. I loved TDLOD and the way it was written, it made me feel so many emotion. And I'm sure some of these emotions weren't normal. The anger oh my god.The ANGER I felt in book one was extreme. This novella did not disappoint. I got stuck in and kept looking at the percentage on my kindle app and thinking oh damn I'm reading too fast! Why aren't there more pages? There needs to be more pages!

'It was easy to live with a theory, something that almost wasn't real because it wasn't something she had to deal with.It was entirely different to come face to face with the truth of it all.'

I had missed Abby and Jake, loved both these characters and their raw, dark passionate love for one another.I adored the parts with Jake and Georgia! They were just soo cute. This novella was mainly in Jake's pov which was different and interesting.

Now I just keep wanting to repeat that I really really need more!
The ending was such a pleasant surprise.
I need KING!
And this author has made it to my list of authors that I will automatically one-click their books without even reading the synopsis..actually she made it on the list after I read her first book hah! I will be saving up to buy both books in paperback, who doesn't like stroking the spine of their fav books ;)

*Arc provided be the author in exchange for an honest review*


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