Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Review: Eden (The Eden Trilogy #1) by Georgia Le Carre


Haunted by memories of her brother’s death, and searching for answers,Lily Hart embarks on a career that takes her into a seedy underworld, where she is exposed to wealth, greed, lust and the reign of gorgeous, powerful, and dangerous men—one man in particular wreaks havoc on her emotions.

At thirty Jake Eden has everything: looks to die for, money, power and a never-ending line of twisted, fucked-up women willing to do anything to get with him. Love? Love was for pussies…until a woman with the stage name of ‘Jewel’ arrives on the scene. She alone is different from all the others.

Oozing pure, unadulterated sex, strong, intelligent and independent, she is everything he should stay away from, but she makes him itch to tame her and keep her for himself. 

Her lure is addictive and undeniable and soon he is hooked.

But when the line between betrayal and loyalty is put to test…

Will love be stronger than revenge?

Book 1 of a new trilogy.


My Review

3.5 Stars!

This is book 1 in the Eden trilogy and these are going to be short books I'm presuming since this one was.I don't usually pick up books with under 200 pages give or take. But I was given an arc by the wonderful author and since I loved the other book I read by her called Disfigured Love, I thought I would give it a shot.

Gangster meets pole dancer.. a book filled with romance, chemistry, mystery, deceit and much more..

I liked this one, I just need more..more pages!! It felt a little rushed. And I'm confused with the ending, it's just left me at a part where I don't know whether to hate the female character or not. What is going on?! And now I'm dreading the next book because I don't like it when bad things happen and it looks like that's where things are headed and I'm scared!

I loved Jake's protectiveness and jealousy also that Lily brought out a softer side to him that no one else gets to see. Aww I just wanted to give him a big hug! I'd like to know more about his past and find out if it is connected with Lily's past.

Jake and Lily definitely had chemistry and it was hot, it was insta-lust which turned out to be more.This book is in dual pov and now I will definitely carry on with this series and I still love this author and can't wait to see how things turn out with Jake and Lily. And what happened to Jake's brother? Hope to see more of him and I want to know I NEED TO KNOW! wtf is happening with Lily. What the hell has she got herself into!

If you want a quick steamy read with some mystery this is a book for you!

*Arc provided in exchange for an honest review*


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