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Review: Burning for You (Blackwater, #1) By Lila Veen

Book 1 in the Blackwater Series
**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content

When Leah Holt returns to Blackwater, she crashes into Ash Lavanne. He is her catalyst, a fire elemental from a strange family of crafters who control the Blackwater Coven. Leah is ignited by Ash. She can build, destroy, create and damage, making her one of the most dangerous crafters in existence.

Blackwater is a town with a dark past. Four hundred years ago, the witch trials that happened have left a deep impression on today’s inhabitants, splitting the town into two rival groups – the Coven and the Order.

Then Leah discovers that Ash isn’t the only one who ignites her. She is torn in half in a love triangle and learns just how powerful she has the potential to become, but could lose Ash if she dares to find out.

My Review
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well,well, well..

I did not expect that!

This book was sent by the author for a honest review.It sounded interesting yet it took a while for me to get round to it..THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY BOOKS TO READ!!

Burning For You is based around witches and a town called Blackwater. It has a gruesome past, four hundred years ago, the witch trials that occurred there seem to have left a deep impression on today’s inhabitants.At that time witches would be killed based on their element so if the witch was a water element they would be drowned, fire element would be burned and so on..

This book is fast paced and has some interesting and sometimes WTF twists and turn in it.Leah escaped from her mother and sister and went to Chicago. Now she has returned with a dark past that still haunts her.She is driving to her mothers house when she crashes into her catalyst yes she literally crashes into his car.A catalyst is a kind of soul mate, with your catalyst you are more powerful and you share a unbreakable connection.

Leah is a witty and fun character who never really fit in her family.When she returns to Blacklight a lot of things change her element comes to life and Ash fuels it.But there is soo much more to it than that, its not all good stuff a lot of bad happens.Wherever bad stuff happens there appears Gabe Ash's step-brother.

“Football is for boys, Ash. Don’t be a dork.”

“That’s the most sexist thing I've ever heard. How could you inflict these gender stereotypes on

our child before it’s even born?” He’s upping the bravado for the benefit of the poor salesman who has

no idea what to make of us, or perhaps he’s used to it in his line of work.

Ash is lovely! I really liked him and I cant wait for the next book to find out what happens between him and Leah.I really didn't like how Theo, Ash's brother became involved as I'm not fond of love triangles.I just wanted things to be simple!!
Even though there were parts I wanted changed, overall this was fantastic it kept me hooked and I really want to read the next book!

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