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Review: Infraction (Breach #2) by K.I. Lynn

Waking up in the hospital after a terrible car crash, Lila has a long road of recovery ahead of her. More than just her body, she must recover her heart after an altering declaration by Nathan.

With all that happened between them she must chose to forgive him and take him back, or sever all ties. Nathan has a hard road ahead of him to earn back her trust, and doing so will open her up to the possibility of being hurt again. A possibility Lila doesn’t think she can survive.

The secrets Nathan keeps buried, hidden from the world, of the life he used to lead are revealed. They tell the horror of what caused the scars on his body, mind, and heart.

Can Lila and Nathan push through all of the obstacles in front of them? Will the journey be their healing, or their destruction?

My Review

4.5 Incredible, Haunting, Broken, Nathan Loving Stars!!

Two Broken souls
Shattered hearts
Painful memories

Can Lila and Nathan heal and finally move forward?

This is book two of the Breach series and after reading Dissolution (Breach #1.5),a Novella from Nathan POV, which was heart-breaking and made me love Nathan even more, I really had to have this book..And then K.I.Lynn you awesome woman sent an ARC I was over the moon *happy dancing* :D

Infraction starts off where the previous book left off, Lila is at the hospital after the car crash she was in and things continue from there..

This book was a lot more about growth in Nathan and Lila's relationship they have a lot of issues to work on they both need help and fucking away problems or pushing each other away wasn't working at all..

Whilst the first book Breach focused more on their sexual relationship Infraction focused on Nathan and Lila getting better and being free from their past traumatic experiences.

"The mask was gone, and for the first time I was seeing the true Nathan without any inhibitions. He was raw and lay before me. More beautiful than usual in his agony."

Both the main characters are broken and lost until they find each other..struggling with their pasts and haunted by heartbreaking memories how do they improve their relationship..
Nathan needs to gain Lila's trust after he destroyed it in Breach. He is consumed with past guilt which is slowly eating away at him. Will he be able to forgive himself?

Lila has her own troubles and is scared to let Nathan in again but she also knows she cant live without him. I felt that Lila's character became stronger and more stable than how it was in the previous book.

We find out a lot more about Nathans past and why he did the things he did. You find out more about his demons and what haunts him and it makes you fall even deeper in love with his character! I just wanted to give him a big hug (among other things) and make him feel better..
To move forward Nathan needs to make peace with himself, his demons are in his head, his guilt, anger, frustration is all aimed at himself.

"After everything, there was still that rope that bound us together, pulling me to him."

The ending took me by surprise! And had me thing whatttttt? Thats it??
yes I had a mini panic attack until I saw that there is another book in the series *phew*

Overall I really enjoyed this book,a beautiful, intense, heartbreaking story filled with forgiveness and love..

"He was furious, fists clenched at his side, and I could tell he wanted an outlet. It was amusing to play with him, so I laid it on thicker, smiling and waving at him like I was on parade. He growled. My smile turned to a glare. Spoilsport."

Yes yes I thoroughly enjoyed this book! :D

**ARC provided by the author for an honest review**

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