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Review/Giveaway:The Edge Of Darkness By Melissa Andrea

The Edge of Darkness Cover (new)



After a tragic accident, Araya Noelle is left with a constant reminder that nothing is forever.
She is forced to give up her chance to be the youngest dancer accepted into Julliard & taking over their high society school by a graceful storm of determination is no longer an option. Instead of dwelling over her loss, she accepts the new future she’s been dealt. In a world as black as hers, there's no room for bitterness, no time for regret. Sheltered from the outside world, Araya has become suffocated by a life she has no control over. Until Ryland Dare comes crashing into her life. You don’t know true darkness until you've felt light… Like a firecracker, showering her with colorful sparks of freedom, Ryland quickly sweeps Araya away from her grey existence. For the first time since the accident, living in darkness is no longer something Araya wants to do willingly. Unleashed by the shadows of her reminder, being with Ryland, Araya touches light. Together they will learn what it’s like to feel alive for the first time. At the edge of darkness, a ray of light, will dare them both to HOPE. DARE them to LOVE DARE them to LIVE  

My Review

5 Mind-blowing, Brilliant, Beautiful Stars!!

One night that's all it takes..One night can change your life..
One night can destroy you..One night can leave you with scars you carry around all your life..

Please tell me that this book did not end like that? I'm missing a couple of chapters right?!!? Ahhhhh why did it have to end like that?
Bring me the next book..NOW!!!

What an amazing book filled with so much pain, love, sacrifices and much much more..

Araya Noelle is a beautiful, strong, shy, selfless girl.She is a survivor. As a little girl she dreamed to be a dancer but that one night destroyed it all. A tragic accident occurred causing Araya to never be able to dance again, she lost so much that night..Her mum who was her only family left who cared about her and her sight.. All in one night her life is turned upside down.

"I lost the only person who loved me and went blind all in a matter of minutes. I'd lost everything in that car accident. The day the accident happened I stopped living, making a point only to survive life."

She is made to live with her bitch of an auntie and uncle, both of them I wanted to kill, strangle, punch..did I mention kill? A slow torturous death they deserve pfttt!

They made Araya feel like she was worthless and useless due to her being blind. They made her stay inside their house and feel like a freak she was made to believe she wasn't normal. She feels suffocated and longs to be let out and then she gets her chance..

That's when her life collides with Ryland Dare's..

"If you could see what I see...then you'd understand why-. Why I wouldn't change a thing about you and you shouldn't want to either. you're original and that's my favorite thing about you."

Ryland Dare is an incredible guy, down to earth,rich and heir to a family fortune which he doesnt want. Some people say if you are rich you have it all..they are so wrong. Ryland has the materialistic stuff but he doesn't have parents who care and love him. He hates how everyone is more interested in money and getting richer rather than their family.When he meets Araya there is an instant connection they simply click.

When Araya's aunt and uncle (the two twats)Nina and Carl decide that Araya need to get tutored as she never finished school due to the incident well somethings not right..
They made her live in the dark and do all their housework and hardly ever let her out but now they want her to be tutored?!
And guess who the tutor is none other than Cara Dare (Careless), Ryland's sister.

Ryland and Araya become closer and start spending more time with each other.He teaches her to live life and not be scared.He slowly pulls her out of the darkness she has been engulfed in and shows her the light.

I traced my thumb over her bottom lip, and she sucked in a sharp breath.

"Why do you wear these glasses?" I traced her cheek below the rim of the lens.
"Who are you hiding from?"

I loved how much he believed in her, how he helped her and made her see that her blindness doesn't limit her to achieve her dreams. That she deserves to be loved and cared for.
They both needed each other, they both need the love and affection they never received.

What a brilliant, captivating, unexpected book which left me reeling!
Oh how I hate cliffhangers but okay I get it it took a while but I am over it..I just need the next book real fast!!

Secrets are revealed, heart-break is inevitable, families are destroyed but this isn't the ending..its a beginning of something new..

*ARC provided by the lovely author for an honest review*



“I’ve never met anyone like you before Araya. The way you view life and love; you’re not angry with anything that’s happened to you.” I turned my head toward him, and a smile tilted the corner of my lips. “Yeah, I’m kind of amazing that way.” I teased. He rolled over, bracing his arms on either side of my head, and we stared at each other upside down. His thumbs swept across my cheeks and his fingers caressed the sides of my neck up to my jaw. Tilting my neck back, he kissed my chin, and the dip below my bottom lip. He brushed his lips back and forth over mine, but the touch was so light, I couldn’t even be completely sure it had happened. “Yes, you are.” He whispered.  

Meet Melissa:

mel bio pic
I find it hard to sum up my life in a paragraph, but I’ll try.
I am the author of Flutter, The Discover Series! Reading has always been a passion for me, and writing as instinctive as breathing.
Every inhale is an idea; every exhale a creation. The only thing I do better than writing you ask? Making beautiful girls. My daughter’s will always be my greatest accomplishment.
I was born in Denver, Colorado–but I will always think of sunny Arizona as my home. I don’t have a big family, but I’m close with my sister, brother
& my mom. My mom is my hero, my inspiration, and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing person to be raised by.
4 things you should know about me: I’m very girly, but I can get down and dirty with the best of them. I adore the color pink and things that sparkle
(including vampires), I am a firm believer that chocolate cures ALL and I like even numbers (hence 4 things about me, not 5) Okay, maybe I cheated a little with my list, shhhh.


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