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Book Blast/Excerpts/Review/Giveaway : Perfect Match By Kelly Arlia

Inside the ring Jackson aka Bullet is a high flyer,the fearless risk taker that takes people down with his signature move Shot to the Heart. Outside the ring,its his heart that takes the shot. He has fallen head over heels in love with the perfect woman. She knows all about the wrestling life, the people in it, and what it takes to succeed. She is his best friend, and the one person he is not able have.

Noelle Reid plays by the rules. She is not the type to invite drama into her life, and from the time her father told her when she first discovered boys that she is not to date a pro-wrestler, she's never questioned it. Then Jackson starts getting her heart beating faster, and stealing every thought she had.

What if the one man she's not supposed to love is the only man she ever really trusted? Now she has to decide between being the perfect daughter that she has always been, and finally putting herself and her life first and allowing herself to love Jackson.


Excerpt #1
She stood on her toes and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her to return the kiss, and the moment she was in his arms she felt safe. This is where she wanted to be. Right there, with him. She was going to trust him. She felt her body tremble, and her lips quiver at the sweet intensity of his lips.
His hips nudged hers and was able to feel his need for her. That stirred things inside her that she could no longer ignore. She reached down between them and put her hand on his erection that was pressing against her belly. He groaned and tilted his head back. She gave him a squeeze. This was such a big moment for them, and god, did she want to be with him but wasn’t ready to declare her true feelings yet. All she knew for sure was, she wanted him, and didn’t couldn’t wait any longer.
“Noelle,” he said barely above a whisper, “Are you ready for your third birthday present?”
She tilted her chin up so she can look at him. She saw the heat in his blue eyes. “Is it you?”
He gave her a sexy smile that made all sorts of places tingle. “You've got to unwrap me first.”  

Excerpt #2
"Noelle, I love you."  Jackson admitted.
She could no longer hide the tears, “I’m sorry. I’m still so unsure.”
“I can’t deny what I am feeling. This is the real thing. Here, I’ll prove it.” He took her hand placing it over his heart. His chest was rock hard but more importantly she could feel his heart pounding. “This is new to me. I have never felt so out of control and happy at the same time. Remember when I did my first promo and you asked if I was scared? I made you feel my heart? It wasn’t pounding like it is now. I’m not pretending. I’m forever changed because of you. I cannot sit back and hear about anymore Mr. Evil’s in your life. I want to be the guy in your life, and I’ve never been more afraid or sure of anything in my life. YOU. ARE. IT. FOR. ME. I don’t know how else to get you to believe me.” She still had her hand on his heart and closed her eyes when Jackson put his hand over hers. At that moment she knew this was bigger than the both of them. She looked up at him and saw the tears in his eyes too. She trusted him and knew that he was taking a huge risk. The way his heart pounded told her as much as well. “I love you.” He said it again.
Author Bio

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and can never imagine living anywhere else. I have been married for 12 years and have a beautiful creative 6 year old. I have been writing since I could put sentences together. I always thought that I would go the traditional route of publishing, and once I discovered the Indie world, I got hooked. 

I am inspired everyday by people, music and other books. I love it when a book I read stays with me long after I read it. If one of my books can do that for one other person, that will make me happy.

Perfect Match is my debut novel. It's about a woman learning to let go of her past and trust in what her future can bring. 

My Review

3.5- 4 Fighting Stars

Noelle grew up with her father warning her on one thing..that he would never want any of his daughters to be with a wrestler. Her dad was a wrestler and Noelle and her sister grew up around them but she always stuck to her fathers rules.

"Never trust a man that will look at another woman while he is in your presence."

This is the piece of advice her mother left her with in a journal before she died its one sentence embedded in her mind.

The book starts off with a glimpse of Noelle as a kid she had lost her mother and her sister was self obsessed and didn't care much about her.She is with her best friend JJ who she also has a crush on and they practically did everything together, joined at the hip but on this day things changed..
JJ does one thing she hates he does what her mother warned her about and he lets her fall.

Now Noelle is all grown up and is soon to be starting her career working with her father at the wrestling gym. So to celebrate she goes out for a drink with her best friend and meets Jackson.

Jackson is finally going to be making it big in wrestling and is all out to celebrate its then that he meets Noelle.

They look at each other and feel connected, like they have known each other for a long time.He doesn't know her name and she doesn't know his career choice.It all seems to be perfect, a little too perfect.
So what happens when Noelle gets to work and spots Jackson there?
Will she break the rules her family set and follow her desires?

Noelle has secrets that could tear everything apart what would happen if her father found out she already broke his rule and she paid severely? And what happens when the past she tried to run from comes back to haunt her?

I enjoyed this book I liked Jackson and Noelle together and didn't want her to keep pushing him away I love how he fought for her and didn't give up.I wanted more to the story though I felt something lacking.

Oh and I used to watch wrestling *hides* haha my brother forced me to watch I swear! And well there were very few wrestlers that were like ooh hot (Rock, John Cena and that's pretty much it I think)I prefer boxers I have no problem creating a hot boxer in my head and that brings me to what happened in the end made me miss Remy from Real and I may have had a re-read :DD

If your are looking for a fighter, romance, drama filled book this one is for you!

**ARC provided by author for an honest review**

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