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Blog Tour/Review/Giveaway: Burn (Spark, #2) By Brooke Cumberland

Book 1- Spark- My Review

Just when Velaney thinks she is safe again…her worst nightmare comes back to haunt her.

Eric is dealing with his own insecurities as he tries to accept Velaney’s decision to help the enemy…can he get past it? Will they be there for each other in the end?

He struggles to step aside and trust Velaney...but will his past keep him from doing so? Can he let go in order to move forward?

Velaney and Eric had their fair share of ups and downs in SPARK…they love was undeniable and intense. Just when you think they could get their happily ever after…pasts collide and merge together…will they fight for what they want?

Or will their love crash and burn?


Author Bio:

Brooke is a midwestern gal, from the cheese state of Wisconsin! Go Packers! She's a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful children (one daughter & two stepsons) and a black fury dog. She's studied psychology in college, and counseling and education in graduate school where she found her love for writing. Most days you can find her reading or writing, or just hanging out with her family! She loves movies, cooking, and shopping! She's addicted to Starbucks, Coach purses, and wearing yoga pants.

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My Review

What an ending to this series!This book is filled with drama, twists and turns and much more.It had parts which made me laugh and others which made me want to pull my hair out.Its sad to see it finish I want more Eric. Oh but I can not wait to read Carissa's book she is a great character and I am intrigued.Oh and that hot English dude, hope he stays ;)

"Can I have my girlfriend back now?" Eric pouts, pretending to feel left out.
"Oh, now you hush boy.She's our guest."
"And what am I? Chopped Liver?" He pouts his lower lip out and it takes all the willpower in me not to bite it between my teeth.

This book starts off where Spark (book 1) left off its like just when things start to settle down BOOM! problem arises. Like seriously stop it, all that drama must be so damn exhausting! At the end of this book I was drained and so glad it was a happily ever after.

In Burn I am glad that there is more about Eric's past and his family oh his POV. I feel like we got to know Eric more even though in book 1 there weren't indications about Eric having a rough past so this was a surprise. I thought it was only Velaney who has a lot of issues.I loved how protective and caring Eric was and how he was very supportive even through some rough times where Velaney makes some stupid decisions.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
When Velaney makes a difficult decision she could easily tear a lot of new relationships apart.
So what will happen, will Eric and Velaney's relationship survive?

I really enjoyed book 1 and was looking forward to see how the story would continue.There were a lot of things happening which I didn't expect and in this book I was quite pissed off with Velaney. I understand that she has past issues which keep re-surfacing but because of her issues I felt like she repeatedly hurt Eric.And he just didn't deserve that! NO!

Velaney struggles through life and I'm glad she changes over time, I was okay with her again by the end.
Okay now her family..I HATE THEM!
Urgh manipulative disgusting people that should be in jail or buried alive (I like option B)

"..When someone changes you for the better and loves you despite all your faults, you better marry that person, swoop them up and claim their body as yours-otherwise someone smarter than you will."

**ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review**


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