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Review: The Devil's Masquerade: The Poison (The Devil's Eyes, #4) By Jennifer Loren

Nick Jayzon has battled many enemies, and has defeated them all. But now he faces the ultimate evil. A brutal Savage of his own blood who will stop at nothing to control him, to Poison Nick, and to harden his heart forever. Many have tried to stop Asmodeus and many have died in the process. But now, he will try, and he isn't coming alone. They won't all survive. And the one soul Savage fears, is scared and is considering running away with her children before they are murdered too. But there is one Jayzon ally, which Savage has long forgotten that will come back to help them as well as a much stronger and deadlier ally, will consider turning against her own and siding with the Jayzons. But together, can they destroy the devil? Free Nick before it’s too late? Before the Masquerade seals his fate?

My Review

Okay wow! what a bloody roller-coaster ride!
The starting at first was like eh what's going on? Then you find out about Dante, Nick's dad and his story. In the previous books we aren't told much about his dad and what we are told doesn't show Dante in a positive light. The starting is vital and explains a lot into what actually happened before Nick and everyone else was born and how Savage has always been evil, and how he effects those around him.I felt so sorry for Dante and I totally understand why he wasn't close to his kids, why he pushed them away.He was like a little Nick aww bless him! You find out that Savage is an evil controlling power hungry man who like to be the one in charge.

The Poison carries on from where the previous book left off.I was a little nervous about reading this one as I just really didn't want Nick to go bad or bad things to happen! Oh how things changed.I was hooked and I couldn't stop reading, the twists and turns had me on edge and jittery.I needed to know what would happen next.
As Nick's power starts to heighten so does his enemies.

She falls to the floor with him in her arms and cries right along with him, and along with Elijah, me, and everyone else within ear shot. No on is dry-eyed tonight.

When you go to war some people will fall and others will survive.There are some heart-breaking moments that I just did not expect.Why? whyyyy? how cruel *sobbing*

I loved all the characters as I always have in this series the new ones were mostly evil! I wanted to help kill them pftt. Kayla as always loved her spirit and charisma, she kept on fighting, she can't lose.
And she is going to go get her Nick back.Yes Yes you go girl!!

“Will I die running or will I die fighting? For Nick ... I would die fighting the devil himself.”

Nicky is such a cutie aww! In this book you see more of Elijah loved him, his funny comments and well just all of him. I really hope he settles down I feel so sorry for him as he wants a family like Nicks.
He is so sweet and lovely with Kayla in this one but there is still banter Ryan, Elijah and Kayla make a great team!

True to his word, Elijah never makes a move, but he holds my hand whenever I need him to.-Kayla

I want my Nick back!! NOW! I hope the last book ends well.I was surprised that this book doesn't end on a cliffhanger yet it still makes you want to carry on reading. Ahhh Brilliant! Well done Jennifer Loren!!

Right now lets get to Franky or as I like to call her..Fanny face! Urghhh I wanted to kill her..did I say kill her? why yes I guess I did but wait i don't want to shoot her or stab her no no that would just be too kind.I would like to rip her apart and chop her into tiny pieces coz I am just an awesome person :)

Bring on the next book!!

**ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review**


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